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==== Final Cut Pro ====
==== Editing Software ====
*[[FCP Setup]]
*[[Extracting DVD Clips]]
*[[Log and Capture]]
*[[FCP Audio Import|Importing Audio]]
*[[FCP Video Export|Video Export]]
*[[FCP Video Share]]
*[[Extracting DVD Clips]]
== Storytelling in Film and Media Media Storage  ==
== Storytelling in Film and Media Media Storage  ==

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Storytelling in Film and Media Equipment

Storytelling in Film and Media assignments will incorporate media capture, editing, remixing, publishing, and video game play. Students will work individually and in pairs to complete a Video Remix Essay and to play through Portal and another game of the student's choice. Students enrolled in Storytelling will have 24 hour access to the computers, game consoles, and capture station in the FMMC Viewing Room and can check out Video Games from the Equipment Room.

Storytelling in Film and Media Facilities

FMMC Viewing Room

Storytelling in Film and Media Tutorials

Game Playback


Editing Software


Storytelling in Film and Media Media Storage

Local Storage

These options are found on any of the 13 Mac Pro Towers in the basement of Axinn. All course work should be saved to the Xsan_Media drive. Nightly backups of project files should also be saved to the Workspace drive.

  • Workspace - This is a 500GB drive that is intended for temporary storage of large media files. This drive is erased at the end of each semester and is not suitable for extended archived storage. This drive is physically installed in each workstation and the contents/files can only be accessed by that workstation. When saving to this drive please Use the following folder structure: Workspace/Your_Name/Your_Project/Your_Files.
  • Xsan_Media - This is a centralized media server with a very large storage capacity. The drive is not physically located within the workstation, but the Xsan_Media icon appears on each workstation as a local drive and the contents of this drive can be accessed from any of the workstations in the basement. The following folder structure will be created automatically upon login: Xsan_Media/Course/Your_Name/ Please organize projects by "Project_Name" within the "Your_Name" folder.

Portable Storage

  • The WiebeTech 200GB portable hard drives are available for extended checkout for courses that meet in Axinn 105 and do not have access to the Xsan Server or for Independent Study students.
  • CD's and DVD's are available in the equipment office in support of curricular uses such as screenings and presentations. For all other uses CD's and DVD's can be purchased at the campus bookstore.

Network Storage


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