Strategic Plan

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A strategic plan for Educational/Curricular/Academic/Instructional Technology & Digital Media.

Things to do to create a strategic plan

  1. Define Stakeholders
  2. Figure out why would someone use Academic Technology?
  3. Evaluate other programs at other institutions
  4. Come up with a process for continual evaluation.
  5. Come up with Strategic Plan
  6. Determine how our Strategic Plan fits into the RDS and LIS Strategic Plans.
  7. Revise our Strategic Plan
  8. Get buy-in from Stakeholders

Strategic plan goals/ideas/items brainstorming

These are things that we are considering as statements in our strategic plan.

  • Define process for evauating academic technologies.
  • Define processes for promoting:
    • current solutions
    • new implementations
  • Define process for determining levels of short-term and long-term support for a given service or project.