Student Employee Policy Handbook

Policy Handbook

Circulation Services Student Policy Handbook for Davis and Armstrong Libraries

also see: Middlebury College Student Employment Handbook

IMPORTANT NOTE: Working at Circulation is a privilege. If you meet the job performance expectations, outlined below, your employment may continue into the next semester. Do not assume that once you get this job you have it for the rest of your time at Middlebury. No employment contract is expressed or implied. We know that our expectations are high, but so is the interest in working with circulation.


• Arrive to your shift a few minutes early to start work on time.

  • Clock into the ShiftPlanning machine located in 208, when working at Armstrong.

• Check in with the supervisor on duty upon arrival and at departure.

• Provide outstanding customer service.

• Notify co-workers and shift supervisor if you need to be away from the desk for a few minutes during your shift, don’t leave the circulation desk unattended.

• Share the work with your shift partner.

• Process returns as they are brought to the desk.

• Reshelve any DVDs and/or browsing material before your shift ends.

  • Reslelve any books when working at Armstrong.

• Mute your phone while working at the circulation desk.

• Keep work areas clear: move laptops out of way when you step away from desk.

• Use the coat closet provided to store personal belongings.

• Maintain confidentiality of all library transactions and passwords

• Keep accurate records of time worked and submit your time sheet as directed.

• Do not print personal materials using the circulation printer.

• Food and snacks need to be consumed away from the circulation desk. Ask the supervisor on duty for a quick break if needed.

• Electronic device use is permitted only if all circulation work is completed.

• Head phone use is not permitted at the circulation desk, earbuds are permitted when patron traffic is low.

• Respond to the security gate alarm.

• Complete any tasks assigned to you by your supervisor.

  • make sure to clock out when you leave your shift at Armstrong.


Thanks for your attention to ensuring smooth shift transitions and reliable desk coverage.

  • Student employees are responsible for working the schedule agreed upon at the beginning of the term
  • Student employees are responsible for finding a substitute if they are unable to work for any reason
  • Student employees are responsible for notifying a supervisor to record any substitute arrangement on the Google schedule or on ShiftPlanning Schedule if you work at Armstrong.
  • Student employees are responsible for notifying a supervisor if they are going to be late - and must speak directly with the shift supervisor
  • In an emergency or illness, please call well before a shift begins so that alternative arrangements can be made. Speak directly with the shift supervisor.
  • For recess periods, when library hours are reduced, student employees are responsible for shifts until closing, through the last day of the regular library schedule
  • It is essential that student employees are supportive and cooperative with one another by substituting for each other, particularly in instances where a student is dealing with an illness or emergency


Need a sub? Communication is the key!

  • Send an original email to the appropriate student assistant distribution list - do not tack your request on to an existing request
  • Davis Family Library: LIS - Davis Family Lib Circ Student Assistants distribution list
  • Armstrong Library: LIS - Armstrong Library Student Assistants distribution list
  • Armstrong - copy regular branch staff
  • Davis Family - the Library Circulation mailbox gets copied automatically
  • Put the day, date & time and location (which branch library - Davis Family or Armstrong) of the sub shift in the subject field of the message, example: Tuesday, 1/12/2012, Davis, 9pm-11pm.  
  • "Reply all" when signing up for a shift – you are now responsible for the shift- and others are alerted that the shift is covered
  • Confirm with a supervisor that the shift change has been recorded on the master Google calendar

or ShiftPlanning Calendar if working at Armstrong.

Important! If all efforts to find a sub fail, you must speak directly with a supervisor to alert them to the problem and to work out a solution


  • Circulation Services recognizes that student employees are students first and foremost, and we understand that it is important to find a balance between academic responsibilities and work.
  • Arriving past the time scheduled is considered a tardy arrival
  • Repeated unexcused tardy arrivals will result in a verbal warning
  • Further unexcused late arrivals will result in a written warning
  • Any unexcused late arrival after a written warning will result in dismissal
  • One unexcused absence will result in a written warning
  • Any unexcused absence after a written warning will result in dismissal
  • Excusing a student staff member from work due to severe illness & academic schedule conflicts is at the discretion of the shift supervisor and the Circulation Services Manager
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