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Papercut Print Server 

Logging into PaperCut

PaperCut users are granted access to a set of basic web pages providing them with the ability to:

  • View their account balance
  • List recent account activity
  • Use tools to add value to their account

To log in type one of the following into the address field of your browser:




Students must authenticate using your network login credentials


Guest Access

 See Guest Printing for more information

PaperCut User Interface

Once you login PaperCut you are presented with your account summary.


Specific tasks can be performed by selecting from the menu items on the left.

Redeem Card

For cash users, allows you to purchase a value card to increase your account funds.  Credit card users see Add Credit 

  1. Purchase a $5 Print Value Card at:
    • The College Bookstore in Proctor Hall
    • Wilson Cafe in the Main Library
    • MiddExpress on the first floor of the McCullough Student Center
  2. Open a web browser and navigate to the PaperCut user login page or Go/Papercut
  3. Click Redeem Card on the left side of your screen.
  4. In the Card number field enter the string of characters (including any dashes).
  5. Click the Redeem Card button.  The value of the card will be added to your account balance.
    Please note:  Unused added funds that remain in account will be rolled-over until the student leaves the college.  If the student leaves the college with funds in his/her account there will be no refunds made available.

Transaction History


The transaction history page displays a user's balance history in detail. Here a user can see how, when, and why their balance was affected.

Recent Print Jobs


This is an example of printing history. It allows you to see the cost of your print jobs or to find a particular print job.  The filter criteria allows for many different views of printing and can be used to easily drill-down to find the information required. Refunds can be requested through this form by indentifying the job in question and clicking the Request Refund link in the Status column.

Jobs Pending Release


Jobs Pending Release allows users to view and cancel individual jobs. You can see the cost of the job before printing. 

Web Print

Web Print is a printing solution ideal for printing from your personal computer. This page allows you to upload documents for printing, rather than requiring the print queues to be installed on your system. You will be able to select a printer, choose the number of copies, and select a document to upload. The document will be queued for printing and you can track its status from this page. No client software or driver installation is required. All print jobs processed through Web Print will be duplexed.

To print your document follow these steps:

  1. Select Web Print from menu options on left side of PaperCut screen.
  2. Select the Submit a Job link
  3. Select the printer name from the list provided
  4. Select the button at the bottom of the screen labeled: 2. Print Options and Account Selection
  5. Enter number of copies your would llike and then select the button labeled: 3. Upload Document
  6. Using the Browse button find the document file you wish to print
  7. Select the Upload & Complete button, which sends the document to the printer.
  8. Once Status indicates finished: queued for printing go to your printer's release station.
  9. At the printer, sign into the print release station with your PaperCut account information, locate you print job, and release it to the printer.

Supported Applications and File Formats

Web Print supports the following file formats:

                     Application                                              File Format                 

Adobe Reader 9 PDF
Microsoft Office Excel 2007 XLS, XLSX, etc...
Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 PPT, PPTX, etc...
Microsoft Office Word 2007 DOC, DOCX. etc...
Microsoft XPS Viewer XPS

Add Credit

The Add Credit page allows you to increase your account balance using a credit card.


  1. From the Amount to adddrop-down list select the amount to be added to your account and then click the Add Valuebutton. The form below opens. 
  2. Type the information into the form and then click the Pay Nowbutton to complete your transaction. 



Click Logout to protect your account and personal information.

Printing Quotas

Printing Policy (summary)

  • Pages are deducted from the student's quota each time a print job is completed. 
  • Release stations hold jobs for up to 2 hours after which they are removed.
  • Web Print allows you to print to any public printer from your personal computer or laptop.  See Web Print
  • All student accounts will be activated for PaperCut on February 8, 2010.
  • We are charging 5 cents per black & white single-sided page and 8 cents per black & white double-sided page. See Quotas and Rates
  • Students may add additional amounts to their PaperCut account balance.  See Redeem Card or Add Credit
  • Students should use public printers only! 
  • Students should submit requests for refunds through the PaperCut interface when printer malfunctions occur and making print output unusable. Requests for a refund will be processed once a week by the LIS Helpdesk during regular business hours.  Urgent requests will be considered depending on the situation.  Note: refunds will not be given for user error (duplicate printing, selecting wrong printer, etc...)  See Requesting a refund for more information.
  • Student organizations printing will be charged to that's organization Banner index.  Printing should be executed following CCAL's guidelines.  The organization's ID and Password must be used when logging in so that charges are applied to the organization rather than the individual student.
  • For course printing on a plotter, once a term, applicable departments will submit to LIS a list of student names and ID and the amount to be added to each student's account to cover printing.  The students in the class will have their quotas increased by that amount.  Faculty should be consulted if a student feels the amount will not cover needs.


Quotas and Rates:

Each semester students are given an account balance within PaperCut as follows:

Spring & Fall Semester

Non-seniors receive $25 per term Equivalent to 500 black & white single-sided pages or 625 black & white double-sided pages
Seniors receive $50 per term Equivalent to 1,000 black & white single-sided pages or 1,250 black & white double-sided pages


Non-seniors receive $10 Equivalent to 200 black & white single-sided pages or 250 black & white double-sided pages
Seniors receive $20 Equivalent to 400 black & white single-sided pages or 500 black & white double-sided pages

Please note:  unused quota amounts will be rolled-over each semester within an academic year.  Student quotas will start anew every Fall.  Unused additional cash or credit card funds will remain in a student's account until graduation or separation from the college.  No refunds will be granted.

Summer Session


Student Print Rates:

  • 5 cents per black & white per side on a single-sided document.
  • 4 cents per black & white per side on a double-sided document (8 cents front & back of sheet is charged).
  • Color printing:  25 cents (letter), 50 cents (ledger)
  • Color plotter:   $1.50 per linear foot

Semester (Term) Dates

PaperCut Term Dates are:

  • Fall:                         August 21 (start)  to  December 31 (end)
  • Winter:                     January 1 (start)  to  January 31 (end)
  • Spring:                     February 1 (start)  to  June 4 (end)
  • Language Schools:   June 5 (start)  to  August 20 (end)

Student Copying:

Copying is not part of the PaperCut printing system.  Students using the Equitrac card system are charged 10 cents per black & white per side.


Requesting a refund

As stated in the Policy section above, students will be required to submit requests for refunds through the PaperCut Recent Print Jobs form when printing errors and problems arise. Requests for a refund will be processed once a week by the Helpdesk during regular business hours. Urgent requests will be considered depending on the situation. Note: refunds will not be given for user error (duplicate printing, selecting wrong printer, etc...)

To request a refund follow these steps:

  1. Sign into PaperCut and select the Recent Print Jobs menu option.
  2. Find the print job that had a problem printing and in the column of that specific print job record you will select the link: Request Refund
  3. The Refund Request displays with details on your print job in question. In the Refund Amountbox selectFull amount or Partial amount.  If selecting Partial amount then enter the partial amount you are requesting as a refund.
  4. Enter information in the Reason for Request field and then press the Send button.

Your refund request will be processed within one business week.