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=== Policy Handbook  ===
=== Policy Handbook for students ===
The handbook can be found [[Student_Employee_Policy_Handbook|here.]]
'''Circulation Services Student Policy Handbook for Davis and Armstrong Libraries'''
also see: [http://www.middlebury.edu/offices/business/seo/handbook Middlebury College Student Employment Handbook]
<br>'''IMPORTANT NOTE: Working at Circulation is a privilege. If you meet the job performance expectations, outlined below, your employment may continue into the next semester. Do not assume that once you get this job you have it for the rest of your time at Middlebury. No employment contract is expressed or implied.  We know that our expectations are high, but so is the interest in working with circulation.<br>
==== <br>PRINTING POLICY  ====
*You may not use the printer for personal use while at the circulation desk, whether you are on shift or not. &nbsp;The printer behind the desk if for circulation-related printing ONLY
==== SCHEDULES  ====
Thanks for your attention to ensuring smooth shift transitions and reliable desk coverage.<br>
*Circulation Services depends on student employees to BE ON TIME, AS SCHEDULED.&nbsp; Please arrive prepared to work, arrive a few minutes early for check in.
*Check in with the Circ supervisor on duty on arrival and at departure (in the absence of a Circ supervisor, check in with your student co-workers)<br>
*Check in with your shift partner<br>
*Student employees are responsible for working the schedule agreed upon at the beginning of the term
*Student employees are responsible for finding a substitute if they are unable to work for any reason
*Student employees are responsible for notifying a supervisor to record any substitute arrangement on the Google schedule
*Student employees are responsible for notifying a supervisor if they are going to be late - and must speak directly with the shift supervisor
*In an emergency or illness, please call well before a shift begins so that alternative arrangements can be made. Speak directly with the shift supervisor.
*For recess periods, when library hours are reduced, student employees are responsible for shifts until closing, through the last day of the regular library schedule
*'''It is essential that student employees are supportive and cooperative with one another by substituting for each other, particularly in instances where a student is dealing with an illness or emergency<br>'''
==== <br>STUDENT&nbsp;STAFF&nbsp;SUBSTITUTION&nbsp;PROCEDURE <br>  ====
Need a sub? Communication is the key!<br>
*Send an original email to the appropriate student assistant distribution list - do not tack your request on to an existing request
*Davis Family Library: LIS - Davis Family Lib Circ Student Assistants distribution list<br>
*Armstrong Library: LIS - Armstrong Library Student Assistants distribution list
*Armstrong - copy regular branch staff
*Davis Family - the Library Circulation mailbox gets copied automatically
*Put the day, date &amp; time and location (which branch library - Davis Family or Armstrong) of the sub shift in the subject field of the message, example: Tuesday, 1/12/2012, Davis, 9pm-11pm. &nbsp;
*"Reply all" when signing up for a shift – you are now responsible for the shift- and others are alerted that the shift is covered<br>
*Confirm with a supervisor that the shift change has been recorded on the master Google calendar<br>
'''Important! If all efforts to find a sub fail, you must speak directly with a supervisor to alert them to the problem&nbsp;and to work out a solution'''
==== <br>TARDINESS and ABSENCES  ====
Communication is the key to success.<br>
*Circulation Services relies on student employees to be here on time when scheduled<br>
*Circulation Services recognizes that student employees are students first and foremost, and we understand that it is important to find a balance between academic responsibilities and work.
*Arriving past the time scheduled is considered a tardy arrival
*Repeated unexcused tardy arrivals will result in a verbal warning
*Further unexcused late arrivals will result in a written warning
*Any unexcused late arrival after a written warning will result in dismissal
*One unexcused absence will result in a written warning
*Any unexcused absence after a written warning will result in dismissal
*Excusing a student staff member from work due to severe illness &amp; academic schedule conflicts is at the discretion of the shift supervisor and the Circulation Services Manager<br>
*Supervisors - please update, initial and date the Google calendar entry for the excused shift; refer request for an excused shift to the supervisor on duty for that shift<br>
• Arrive to your shift a few minutes early to start work on time.<br />
• Check in with the supervisor on duty upon arrival and at departure.<br />
• Provide outstanding customer service.<br />
• Notify co-workers and shift supervisor if you need to be away from the desk for a few minutes during your shift, don’t leave the circulation desk unattended.<br />
• Share the work with your shift partner.<br />
• Process returns as they are brought to the desk.<br />
• Reshelve any DVDs and/or browsing material before your shift ends.<br />
• Mute your phone while working at the circulation desk.<br />
• Keep work areas clear: move laptops out of way when you step away from desk.<br />
• Use the coat closet provided to store personal belongings.<br />
• Maintain confidentiality of all library transactions and passwords<br />
• Keep accurate records of time worked and submit your time sheet as directed.<br />
• Do not print personal materials using the circulation printer.<br />
• Food and snacks need to be consumed away from the circulation desk.  Ask the supervisor on duty for a quick break if needed.<br />
• Electronic device use is permitted only if all circulation work is completed.<br />
• Head phone use is not permitted at the circulation desk, earbuds are permitted when patron traffic is low.<br />
• Respond to the security gate alarm.<br />
• Complete any tasks  assigned to you by your supervisor.
=== Scheduling Notes  ===
=== Scheduling Notes  ===

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Confidentiality Agreement

The confidentiality agreement and contact information web form can be found here.



  • What made you apply for this job?
  • Any customer service/library experience?
  • Talk about a good customer experience
  • Talk about a bad customer experience
  • What is your major and how did you chose it?
  • What interests you about this job?
  • Tell me about your experience working with the public, and did you enjoy it?
  • How would you describe yourself as a worker, include strengths and weaknesses?
  • What extracurricular activities are you involved with this year?
  • How would a classmate describe your work style?
  • If you had a choice, would you rather cook an elaborate dinner or go water skiing?
  • Are you applying for any other summer on or off campus jobs and/or internships, LS, BLSE, BLWC, etc?
  • Talk about your comfort level with computers and various programs

Hired on __________________________________________

EPAF submitted via Banner _________________________________

Added to Student Directory ___________________________


Job Description

Level A
Circulation Assistant - General

Pay Level Criteria
• Requires no previous training or special skills other than basic computer skills
• Requires minimum and finite on-the-job training
• Does not require supervision of others

Specific Responsibilities
• Provide front line customer service at the main library circulation desk. Tasks include check in and out of all library materials, equipment and media; constant verbal contact with library patrons.
• Be knowledgeable of library building and functions
• Provide support to reserves, stacks, and ILL
• Foster team work and a friendly approachable atmosphere and environment
• Demonstrate a willingness to learn and complete tasks with time constraints
• Become familiar with and utilize every aspect/module of library circulation computer system
• Assume responsibility for adhering to schedules and working guidelines. • Exhibit willingness to accept direction from supervisors

Agree to work a minimum of three 2-hour shifts per semester AND during exam period. May require evening and/or weekend shifts

• Professional and upbeat manner
• Strong communication skills
• Flexible
• Confident

Policy Handbook for students

The handbook can be found here.

Scheduling Notes

Student employee shift sign up procedures - Davis Family and Armstrong

  • Will be at the opening hour on the assigned day (suggested and endorsed by the student schedule focus group in 1/08)
  • Date must be after all students have registered on Banner.
  • Try and keep the total number of student workers as low as possible each semester
  • Aim for 6-8 hours per student each semester. There will always be exceptions and will be reviewed on a case by case basis as those exceptions arise
  • First years or first time workers – pls caution them to a max of 2- 3 shifts for first semester
  • On the assigned day, an empty schedule will be available at the Davis Family circulation desk
  • Students can come and sign up for 4 shifts maximum and 2 minimum. Must be signed up in person only. No phone calls or emails accepted.
  • Students abroad may send requests for 2 shifts each before all get the chance for 4. Now may add 2 more requested shifts per abroad student.
  • Wait 48 hours for all to pick 4 max/2 min and then open the remaining slots to all

Exceptions to the normal schedule (all branches):

  • Exam weeks and breaks will be by sign-up 
  • The Sunday at the end of a break will usually be on the regular schedule

Tips for good customer service

  • Avoid lengthy personal discussions
  • Avoid intense studying
  • Don't spread your homework out on work areas
  • Leave counter areas free for transacting business
  • Project a welcoming and helpful attitude
  • Make eye contact
  • Smile
  • Ask “May I help you?”
  • Be attentive
  • Notice when someone approaches the desk looking for help
  • Refer to a Circ supervisor if you are not sure of the answer or procedure

Training checklist

Student ______________________________________

Start Date ____________________________________

Date Training / Orientation Complete _______________

30 Day Performance Review Date: _________________

  • Millennium Circ Module - Check-in/out; Search/Holds; holds, requests, bookings, messages; Midcat; My Midcat
  • Shift Routine and Expectations (see Job Performance Expectations)
  • Customer Service
  • Emergency Manual
  • Circ blog and Facebook.
  • Circulation Wiki
  • Schedules

Additional training materials

Student training archive

Training quiz


  • Tour of circ area; tour of library
  • Keys
  • Equipment and laptops
  • ILL and NExpress
  • Media Collection ( browsing & restricted )
  • CD collection
  • Film Screening
  • Book Drops
  • Returns - hold shelves
  • Reshelving carts
  • Borrower Info on web
  • New books/materials
  • Front desk - supplies
  • Phone
  • Cash
  • Self-check
  • Gate Alarm
  • Stacks orientation w/ Todd
  • Searching - missing books
  • Placing requests
  • Reserves orientation, policies and procedures w/ Kellam
  • Desk stats (stats week)
  • Library Borrower web pages
  • Help desk
  • Public Safety and when to call; problem users etc.
  • Distribution lists and directory
  • Employee policies, timesheets and time entry, Banner, meal break policy; payroll/direct deposit
  • Schedules - substitute policies, Outlook/Google, group email; confirm work schedule; orientation; shadow/training shifts
  • 1-month review

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