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Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Twilight Auditorium

Power on the System – Press the power icon on the touch screen. This will take you to the main menu.

Volume – You can control the level of the volume of any device connected to the projector with the large dial at the bottom of the touch panel.

To project from a laptop - with VGA or HDMI. Touch the VGA Button or HDMI icon and connect the cable to your computer.

Project from Desktop PC - Press the PC icon.

Watch a Blu-ray or DVD - Touch the Blu-ray icon. Power on the device, insert your disc and press play. You can control the device from the touch panel

Using the Microphones

In the drawer at knee level are the microphones. I would recommend using the wireless handhelds, both labeled MC 61 and the lapel mic, MC 49.

All you have to do it power on the microphone.

PLEASE remember to bring AA batteries!

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