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About the pages for Distributing computers Macs/PCs/Thin Clients... It's probably OK to move them. I don't think they are used very much in any case. At some point, Jim will need to decide who does distribution, and where do the "distribution people" get information on how to distribute macs, pcs, etc.

Anything sensitive should be posted to https://mediawiki.middlebury.edu/wiki/hi/Distributing_Macintosh_Computers_-_Notes

Documentation states:

The MAC address will be displayed, copy that down and register the computer manually: (Heat => Category: Network => Campus Manager, the detail screen will have a button for manual registration)
IMPORTANT: The config utility asks that you name the computer in the format username-MIDDNUMBER. Ensure that the USERNAME is correct, and ensure that you include the hyphen, as the config utility will give administrative privileges to this username and it uses the hyphen to determine where the username ends. The config utility does not verify the username against active directory. If you name the computer incorrectly, you mistype the username, or forget to include the hyphen, the customer will NOT be an administrator

It's not clear the difference between the "config utility" referred to above and the Midd Campus Manager webpage.  Registering the computer via the Campus Manager site does NOT require the username in the form of username-MIDDNUMBER

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