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Topher (14 Jan 09):I took the liberty of spreading out each section of the Helpdesk page. Here's my rationale: We need to be able to reach all articles pretty quickly - so it does make sense to have most or all articles directly linked from the main page (for now). However before, those links were all clustered together. Now they're laid out in groups and sub-groups vertically. This isn't "efficient" as far as making the page as compact as possible, but compactness doesn't matter as much as clarity of organization. This layout takes full advantage of the "Table of Contents" box at the top of the page, which provides hotlinks to each section.

Sections to add:

Re: Clutter, reorganization, public facing, searchable, password protected, etc

About the infrastructure page (and this is true in general)
The biggest complain I've heard about the wiki is the search engine. People are more used to the google-style search engine. Moving anything to the internal wiki removes it from the google search index (go/search). In addition, it requires that you authenticate to access the information. In theory, these two factors ("lesser" search engine, authentication) can make information hard to use/find. In practice, I don't know how much the call center/walk-in uses go/search (and the wiki in general). I personally don't care, I just need a place where I can dump information.

Potentially, what would be appropriate is to have three segments:

- no authentication,
- Google searchable,
- wiki searchable,
- public facing

mediawiki/wiki/LIS/HelpdeskCentric (or call it something more appropriate)
- no authentication,
- Google searchable,
- wiki searchable,
- does not clutter public facing side of Helpdesk wiki, but may be accessible via a single link on the main LIS or main Helpdesk page ("More Helpdesk Topics" or "Advanced Helpdesk Topics" or something to that extent)

- authentication required
- NOT google searchable
- Wiki searchable after authentication

What is the ultimate goal of moving content away from the LIS/helpdesk wiki:
- Unclutter the main "portal" pages?
- Unclutter the search engine results in the wiki?
- Unclutter the search engine results in go/search?
- All of the above?

Different approaches can be taken to achieve some combination of the above, without losing usability. The question comes back to how do we envision the wiki being used by the Helpdesk staff and students. Searched from the wiki? Searched from google or go/search? Mainly accessed from a portal page or different portal pages? A combination of these methods (if so, what combination)?

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