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Work of the team

I’m going to put this question forward for the team to answer for my clarification. It’s related to the discussion of communication platform choice and our assumptions about the work of the team.

Essentially, it is: What is our actual work role as a team?

It’s my understanding that our work as a team is not mostly doing the work needed to make the website a reality, but to make the decisions about:

  • what the work will be,
  • how the work will happen, and
  • negotiating for resources that are needed to make the work happen (human or otherwise)

It is also clear that some of us will actually be doing the work that the team delegates; not because that is our role as members of the team, but because that is our functional role within LIS. [i.e. the whole idea of juggling hats as team member and functional member of LIS]

What does everyone else think? Do we all agree on this? If not, I think that it would be wise to get Jeff’s feedback/clarification on this point.

Note: re-posting from the category discussion! Jess Isler 17:20, 25 June 2009 (UTC)

Team Charge

Hi Jess,

Thanks for posing these questions for clarification.

Some of what we are doing will need clarification as we go along, but not everything will be clear-cut all the time. It is, however, important that we strive for clarity of purpose and ask questions when we are not sure.

That said, I think it is worth reading again our charge (copied below) as set by the AD's - and also to clarify the questions you pose with our sponsor and/or alternate sponsor as soon as possible.

In a changing work culture, I do not think it is a given that the work will naturally fall only to those functional areas where the work may currently live. It is our job as a team to ensure the creation of the web site, the development of workflows and assessment/evaluation and re-fresh strategies by the timeline listed below. We are still in the early stage of how we will accomplish this exciting - and challenging - task

LIS Web Presence Team Charge

Create brand new LIS Web Presence
Easy to find (things), easy to use, easy to maintain, user centric, more self-service
Involve end-users: develop + test
Beta 11/9
Public Beta Test 12/10/09
Public Launch 01/04/10

Develop LIS staff work flow and content management, protocol procedures – apply to new web presence
Test 10/11/09
In place 12/09

Asses/evaluate new LIS web presence (end-users)
04/2010 + ongoing

Develop “site-refresh” strategies

Keep in mind also that we are in the early planning stages of the steps listed below:

Define a Compelling Vision
What do we want to accomplish?
WIIFM (what's in it for me)

Define measurements/metrics
What does success look like?
What metric will define our success?

Building Coalition - Creating a Marketing Plan
Who do we need to engage early on?
We need to engage early for: information and understanding, input, resources (actual and potential)

Action Plan to Achieve Key Deliverables
Tasks to be accomplished?
Who is accountable?
Delivery Time?

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