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Just a quick note/idea on gaining buy-in for the concept of a unified blog... I can't decide where this would go in the actual doc though: The power of blogging lies in easily getting out the message. It's not the medium that matters. People don't read/contribute to blogs for the site design, they read them for the content. That's where the power lies. If we can convince people that they don't have to go to the blogs (unless they need to create content), but rather that content from blogs can come to them (through RSS and other subscriptions), then I think we'll remedy much of the remaining unease about their use and adoption.Jess Isler 20:37, 29 July 2009 (UTC)

I'm not sure what we're recommending in the section "The LIS Search Portal"

Part of it seems to refer to the elusive library federated searching - a tool where users can search journal articles from many sources as well as conventional library catalogs. We are pretty far from having any such tool. We have also been attempting a more modest project - LibraryFind to act as a search interface to our various local digital resources. That too is currently at a stand still. I would not count on any of this being ready for web launch. But a "LIS Search Portal" sounds like a much more generalised search - not part of the library site but something for LIS. How is it different from the search efforts already underway for the whole college site? Do we need this section of the recommendations?


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