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**What will the prizes be?
**What will the prizes be?
***Small monthly prizes
***Small monthly prizes
***Coffee card
****Coffee card
**Bookstore gift certificate
****Bookstore gift certificate
**Other ideas?
****Other ideas?
*Large prize at end of every semester
***Large prize at end of every semester
**Other tech toys?
****Other tech toys?
*Encourage managers and supervisors
*Encourage managers and supervisors

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Pilot training program


  • Raise awareness of web based tools in a fun, fast-paced, non-threatening environment
  • Increase web 2.0 literacy across LIS
  • Encourage innovation and fun in the workplace
  • Welcome all LIS staff to present some fun new tool they just found

Monthly lunchtime presentations on cool web tools

  • Pilot project to begin Fall 08
  • 1/2 hour during lunchtime
    • BYOBag lunch
    • Bring
  • Each presentation - 10 minutes long for a total 30 - 40 min
  • Create blog to document training series
  • Staff across LIS as presenters -starting with
    • Adam
    • Mike
    • Carrie M
    • Bryan
    • Joe A
    • Mack
  • Raffle to encourage participation
    • What will the prizes be?
      • Small monthly prizes
        • Coffee card
        • Bookstore gift certificate
        • Other ideas?
      • Large prize at end of every semester
        • iPod
        • Other tech toys?
  • Encourage managers and supervisors
    • To give release time
    • Acknowledge participation in annual review

Based on the concept of 23 things - topics could be used as springboard to design first sessions

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