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Pilot training program

A TASTE OF WEB 2.0 Ideas for what to call this series are welcome!


  • Raise awareness of web based tools in a fun, fast-paced, non-threatening environment
  • Increase web 2.0 literacy across LIS
  • Encourage innovation and fun in the workplace
  • Welcome all LIS staff to present fun new tools they are using
  • Foster a collaborative working environment
  • Encourage use of tech tools to enhance efficiency
  • Have fun and enjoy each other's company
  • Encourage all LIS staff to present and/or attend
  • Encourage playing with web tools
  • Save money - may tools are in beta and are "free"
  • Celebrate community and collaboration
  • Enjoy a meal together; learn together outside usual workgroups; learn from each other
  • Sandbox for staff to play with technologies and tools
  • Tame technostress, technodivorce, technoshame, technophobia, technolust

Monthly lunch and dinner time presentations - cool and fun web tools

  • Pilot project to begin Fall 08
  • 1 hour each during mid-day and early evening
  • Twice monthly; 2 in Oct; 2 in Nov; 1 in Dec
  • Lunchtime program repeated at evening program - do we need the same person presenting at both sessions - even if the topic is the same - or do we want to be more fluid with topics and presenters?
  • Raffle to encourage participation; all participants are eligible for the drawing at each session; all participants throughout the semester are eligible for the grand prize at the end of the semester
  • Everyone brings their own bag meal
  • Each presentation - 10 - 15 minutes long max for a total 30 - 40 min
  • Time to share recent discoveries and new fun web tools at the end
  • Create a blog to document training series - do we want/need this?
  • Staff across LIS as presenters - starting with 3 presenters the first meeting:

Pending presenters accepting the invite!

    • Michael Roy - ChaCha, Jott, RTM - remember the milk and more!
    • Bryan - Delicious
    • Mary B. - GoodReads

Tentative schedule: Location Main Lib 105 10/9 12 - 1 pm 10/23 6 - 7 pm

11/6 12 - 1 pm 11/20 6 - 7 pm

12/4 - last meeting of the semester - grand prize drawing

Possible topics - please add other wicked good web tools and ideas! Sign up for a feed reader/RSS Bloglines/Google Reader Delicious GoodReads Flickr LibraryThing Facebook iTunes U Download a Podcast Feedzie Mozio Twitter Hiogi Ning Youtube Comment on a blog Meebo

    • What will the prizes be?
      • Small monthly prizes
        • Coffee card
        • Bookstore gift certificate
        • Coffee/tea mug with coffee card
        • Other ideas?
      • Large prize at the last meeting of the semester
        • iPod/iTouch
        • Canon Flip camera - perfect for Youtube and Flickr
        • Other tech toys?
  • Encourage managers and supervisors
    • To give release time
    • Acknowledge participation in annual performance review
  • Where and how to advertise and encourage other LIS staff to present and/or participate?
    • LISt blog
    • All LIS email from Mike
    • Flyers in mailboxes
  • Catch phrases - ideas welcome! Please!
    • Take a bite out of web tech tools
    • Wicked wonderful web tools
    • Fun with Web 2.0
    • Tricks, tips and tools
    • Win a webtwoopportunity
    • Discover Web 2.0

Based on the concept of 23 things - topics could be used as springboard to design first sessions

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