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*[[SPAM|SPAM, Phishing, and Email Security]]
*[[SPAM|SPAM, Phishing, and Email Security]]
*[[List Manager|List Manager]]
*[[List Manager]]
*[[Mail Forwarding, Other Providers|Mail Forwarding, Other Providers]]
*[[Mail Forwarding]]
== Networking and Internet  ==
== Networking and Internet  ==

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Quick Start

Using and configuring your computer



Other email clients


Networking and Internet

Our network on campus

Links to network resources:

Accounts and Passwords

File Servers

Off-campus Access

Office and Productivity

Microsoft Office



Scanning and OCR


Hyperion, FAMIS, and Resource25

Smart Classrooms

Smart classroom locations:

Atwater Axinn Center for the Arts Chellis
Freeman International Center Gifford Johnson La Force Hall - Room 121
Le Chateau Main Library McCardell Bicentennial Hall Munroe Hall
Old Chapel Pearson Hall - Max Kade Room Robert A. Jones House (Seminar Room) Ross - Room 001
Sunderland Language Center Twilight Hall Warner Hall Wright Theatre (Seminar Room
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