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*[[IOS FindMy|Setup an iOS device to be able to be remotely located, locked, and/or wiped (3G-only)]]
*[[IOS FindMy|Setup an iOS device to be able to be remotely located, locked, and/or wiped (3G-only)]]
*[[Setup an iOS device for projection|Setup an iOS device for projection]]
*[[IOS Projection|Setup an iOS device for Projection]]
== Banner Administration  ==
== Banner Administration  ==

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Quick Start

Using and configuring your computer



Other email clients


Networking and Internet

Our network on campus

Links to network resources:

File Servers

Printers (Network)

The following applies to installation of network printers to college-owned computers.  Authenticaiton is required for printing, and most college-owned computers are bound to the middlebury.edu domain.  This is an important prerequisite.

For your personal computer:


Off-campus Access

Office and Productivity

Microsoft Office



FileMaker Pro

Scanning and OCR

Viruses and Malware

Microsoft Windows

Mac OS X

iOS Devices (iPad, iPhone, iTouch)


HEAT 9.5.1 - Information and Updates Page

  • See the HEAT page for information on the latest version of Heat.
  • You can report problems at go/help?heat9
  • You can add items to the Heat wishlist at go/help?heat9

Hyperion, FAMIS, and Resource25

Academic Classroom Facilities and Academic Computer Facilities (Computer Classrooms, Computer Labs, etc)

Media Services

Media Services Available from LIS

  • Media_Services (This page provides a list of all the media services provided by LIS)

Media Equipment Available From Media Services

Smart Classrooms - General Documentation

Smart Classrooms - Specific Documentation and Guides

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