Telephone and Voice Mail Services

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Dialing Instructions

On-Campus Calls Dial 4-digit extension
Local Off-campus Calls Dial 9 + 7-digit local number
Toll-free Calls Dial 9 + toll-free number
Toll Calls Dial 8 + TAC* + # + 9 + number
International Calls Dial 8 + TAC* + # + 9 + 011 + country code + city code + number
  • Year-round staff receive two TACs from Telephone Services -- one for business calls that begins with a "2" and another for personal calls that begins with a "1".  If you haven't received an email from Telephone Services with your TAC information, please call extension 5700 or email telecom@middlebury.edu. Students or guests may purchase a calling card at the College Store in Proctor for toll calling.
Incoming Calls 

College telephone extensions can be reached directly from the outside by dialing 802-443, and the extension.

Telephone Rates

The U.S. telephone rate is $0.05 per minute any time.

International Rates

Voice Mail Instructions

Activating Your Voice Mailbox

When accessing your voice mail box for the first time you must (1) change your security code from the system default
security code of 1234 to a different four to fifteen digit number, (2) record your name, and (3) record a personal greeting.

Accessing Your Voice Mailbox

  • From Your Office Telephone

- Dial 2100 (or on Ericsson digital telephone set press MESSAGE WAITING key if light is blinking),
- When the system answers, enter your security code

  • From Another Campus Telephone

- Dial 2100
- When the system answers, press * and #
- Enter your extension and your security codes

  • From Off-Campus

- Dial 443-2100 (from off-campus)
- When you hear the main College greeting, press #, then dial your extension, and enter your security code

Frequently Asked Questions

How many messages can my voice mailbox receive?
There is no limit to the number of messages you may receive.
How long are my new and saved messages kept on the system?
The system purges messages 30 days or older; however, it warns you seven days prior to the deletion and allows you to save the message for another 30 days.
How do I move between menu options?
Press * once or more to move back out of sub-menus and return to the main menu.
How do I bypass a voice mail greeting to leave a message?
Press # to bypass a greeting.

How do I transfer a call to someone else's voice mailbox?
Press the Inquiry key
Dial 1800
Enter the voice mailbox/extension number receiving the call
Press #
Press the Transfer key.
The caller will hear the mailbox greeting and be able to leave a message.

Managing your Voice Mailbox


  • Review the first available new message 5
  • Review all new messages 1 9 1
  • Review saved messages 1 9 2
  • Record and send a message 6
  • Change message ordering FIFO or LIFO 1 6 2 5

After Recording & Addressing a Message:

  • Mark the message private # 4
  • Mark the message urgent # 6
  • Request a return receipt # 1
  • Request future delivery # 5

After Listening to a Message:

  • Forward the message to another mailbox 1 3
  • Delete the message 3
  • Reply (to an extension) 1 7
  • Save the message 7

Greetings and other set-up options:

  • Change your busy greeting 1 6 1 3 1 (optional)
  • Change your name recording 1 6 1 5
  • Change your out-of-office greeting 1 6 1 3 3 or 4 7 *
  • Change your password 1 6 1 4
  • Change your standard greeting 1 6 1 3 2 or 4 6
  • Review your standard greeting 1 6 1 3 2
  • Set automatic message forwarding 1 6 2 4
  • Set immediate message notification 1 6 1 1
  • Please note that once recorded, an out-of-office greeting is immediately turned on in the system. If you do not want it turned on at the time you record, be sure to turn it off before you end the session.

Reference Guide

For Faculty and Staff

Quick Reference Guide for Ericsson Telephones and Voice Mail

Office Moves

If you plan to move to another office, the first step is to fill out the Facilities Services request form.  If you are moving a location that does not have a wired telephone jack or have a special request that requires wiring or new hardare, please contact Telephone Services at ext 5700 or telecom@middlebury.edu at least two weeks before your move. 

Conference Calling

Conference Bridge

If you require more than 7 parties, do not want to place the calls yourself, or want participants to dial into a toll-free line, contact Telephone Services ext 5700 to set up a reservation-less Verizon Business Instant Meeting conferencing account. There is no activation fee. The cost domestic calls is $.03 per minute per user. Calls placed through this service will automatically bill to your department Banner Index code.

Ericsson display telephone set

Using your office telephone, you can establish a connection with up to 7 parties. Only the person conducting or initiating the conference call (conference leader) can admit participants.

When you call the conference call particpants:
If off-campus parties are included in the conference, the charge for these calls appears on the conference leader's departmental telephone bill. Please note that you must use your Telephone Authorization Code (TAC) each time you call a long distance party.

To initiate a conference call:

Establish a call to the first party on ACCESS 1 key

Press INQUIRY or ACCESS 2 (first party is placed on hold)

Dial the second party's telephone number; inform about the conference and that they will hear a loud tone when conferenced in

Press the CONFERENCE/F3 key -- the all black key above PROGRAM (3rd black key from left)

To add new parties:

Press INQUIRY or ACCESS 2 (previous parties placed on hold)

Dial the new party's telephone number.

Press the CONFERENCE/F3 key and conference tone will be heard again.

Follow INQUIRY, phone number, CONFERENCE/F3 process until all parties are included in the call

When conference call particpants are calling you:

Press "Accept 2nd Call" key

Establish a first call on ACCESS 1 key

Press INQUIRY (first party is placed on hold) when the next person calls in on ACCESS 2 key

Press ACCESS 2 key to answere the additional incoming call; inform about the conference and that they will hear a loud tone when conferenced in

Press the CONFERENCE/F3 key -- the all black key above PROGRAM (3rd black key from left)

To add new parties:

Press INQUIRY (previous parties placed on hold)

Receive next participant's call on ACCESS 2 .

Press the CONFERENCE/F3 key and conference tone will be heard again.

Follow INQUIRY, ACCESS 2, CONFERENCE/F3 process until all parties are included in the call

If during the connection process the line is busy or there is no answer, press the CLEAR key on your phone (the C key directly to the left of the Access 1 key) to disconnect from that call attempt. Then either press ACCESS 1 to re-establish a connection to your original parties, or if not finished, press INQUIRY to continue with more connections.

Using analog single lines telephone sets

  • With the first party on the line, press the hookflash and listen for Recall Dial Tone.
  • Dial the second party (Include the telephone authorization code, or TAC, if the number is a toll call)
  • After the scond party answers, dial 3. The Conference Tone indicates that the conference member has successfully been added.
  • Repeat this procedure to connect up to eight parties (including yourself) with a maximum of three external calls.
  • If the called party is busy or does not answer, dial 2 to return to the conference.

Cellular Telephone Service

Policy for Business Use

Personal Use:

Verizon Wireless offers Middlebury College employees up to a 10% discount on cellular service. Access the Verizon Wireless Web site, choose Business on the red menu bar and then choose Employee Discounts to receive information on how to apply the discount.

For Students

Residential Hall Telephones

We provide courtesy telephones in all residence halls. These telephones are located in common areas and hallways.  In smaller houses there may be only one courtesy phone in common areas. These phones may be used for emergency calls to 911 or Public Safety x5911, out-going calls to on-campus locations and to make local and toll-free calls. Long-distance calling requires a calling card.

In Room Telephone Service: As of January 1, 2010, residential hall rooms no longer have telephone service. If you require a telephone line in your room, you may request telephone service by emailing telecom@middlebury.edu. A new installation requires at least two weeks notice. Please include your name, ID number, dorm and room number, whether you want a voice mailbox, and the reason you want phone service. This service is currently free. You need to provide your own telephone. An email reply will let you know when to expect service activation.

Fax Services for Students

Incoming Faxes:
An incoming-only fax machine is located in the Student Mail Center in McCullough. The number is 802-443-2068. The Mail Center will receive faxes and deliver them through campus mail without notice.
Outgoing Faxes:
An outgoing-only fax machine is located on the main floor of the library. Faxing from this machine is free.
Career Services, also, has a fax machine you may use for job applications. Dialing a fax number is the same as dialing a phone number:
Local (Off Campus) Calls:
Dial 9 and 7-digit local number
Toll Free Calls (800, 888, etc.):
Dial 9 and toll free number or telephone number from Library Info Desk fax.
Long Distance Domestic Calls:
Dial 9 + long distance number
International Calls:
Dial 9 + 011+ country code + city code + number

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