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  • Add a link to a page in the hi (Helpdesk Internal) wiki:

{{hi|ArticleName}} » ArticleName

  • You can also include optional text:

{{hi|ArticleName|some other text to display}} » some other text to display

Warning: This template seems to have a bug where if this HI template link is inserted into a paragraph and there is a space directly after it, the rest of that paragraph will be shoved into a lower dotted line like this: (If you go to Edit, you'll see that the following blah blah blah section should all be on the same line!)

Paragraph blah blah blah Page HI Main Page blah blah blah end of paragraph.

Unfortunately, the only workaround I know of so far is to format sentences so that any HI links go at the end of the sentence, with a period directly after them, so that this problem is avoided.

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