Terra Project - Scripting & Documentation

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This page is a resource to support scripting for Terra specifically as well as for Second Life in General. For basic overviews of Scripting in Second Life and resources on LSL (Linden Scripting Language) check out the resources section of the main Second Life page. The documentation will be broken up into the following scripted objects: Voting Box, Survey, Ideology Test, and Tax Box.

Terra-Voting Box

This script allows the owner to supply a number of political parties and when anyone else "touches" the scripted object they will be asked to vote for one of the parties. Each avatar is only allowed to vote once and all of the voting results are displayed to the scripted object's owner when they "touch" the object. This script is Highly Customizable and can be dropped into any prim in order to allow voting on "touch". Simply follow the step-by-step instructions inside the script to edit the number and names of political parties.


Terra-Ideology Test

Terra-Tax Box