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(Adapted from OCLC's Bibliographic Formats & Standards)


Most theses and dissertations are unpublished items made available through copies. Use the following guidelines for such items:


Most microforms of theses, such as those from University Microfilms, are reproductions of unpublished copies of theses and should be cataloged as such.

  • Use Books format (Type:t) for book-like theses, Visual materials format for theses in an audiovisual medium, Sound recordings format for recorded theses, etc. Use Type: d for Score theses and Type: f for Map theses.
  • Use code xx| in Ctry for both original and reproduced theses.
  • Use code r (reproduction) in Form.
  • Use code m (thesis) in Cont.
  • For all reproduced theses, code DtSt for the original.
  • Add the letter a after date in 090
  • Omit place and publisher in field 260
  • Omit series statements in 4xx
  • Omit added entries for advisors, the institution, made-up thesis collection or series titles in fields 246, 700-740, and 8xx.
  • Enter a thesis note in field 502.
  • If you describe a reproduced thesis in field 533, you may enter a Ctry code for the place of reproduction in field 539 subfield ‡d. You may also enter date information for the reproduced thesis in field 539 subfields ‡a, ‡b, and ‡c. Such information is based on the data in field 533.
  • If you are cataloging a copy from a commercial producer (e.g., University Microfilms) and a record exists for another copy in the same medium (photocopy or microform) from the same commercial producer, use the existing record, even if the date of reproduction differs. Since such theses are copies, cataloging rules allow the dates to vary from earlier copies. In such cases, if date information would be the only change, do not create a new record.


090 __BS2651 $b .C54 1994a
100 1 Cheung, Alexandre Tat-man.
245 10 Idol fool in Corinth : ‡b an examination of Paul's approach in light of its background in ancient Judaism and legacy in early Christianity / ‡c Alexandre Tat-Man Cheung.
260 __‡c 1994.
300 __xii, 296 p.
502 __Thesis (Ph.D.)--Westminster Theological Seminary, 1994.
504 __Includes bibliographical references (p. 262-296) and abstract.
533 __Photocopy. ‡b Ann Arbor, Mich. : ‡c University Microfilms, ‡d 1995. ‡e 20 cm.
539 __s ‡b 1995 ‡d miu ‡e n

Middlebury DML Theses

Add these fields to local record

  • 099 S13 [Language] [Date] [author's last name
  • 610 Middlebury College$vTheses [not LC form to have $v Theses, so add to local records only]
  • 655 Dissertations, Academic [OK to add to Worldcat record]
  • 655 7 Theses$x[Language]$[Date]$xMiddlebury College.$2local [local records only]

To see examples, search genre for Theses.

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