Toolbars and Shortcuts in Banner 7

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Tool Bar Buttons And Shortcuts In Banner 7

Tool Bar Button


Key Stroke Shortcut    

Save icon.PNG
Key F10.png
Button RollBack.png
Key Shift.png+ Key F7.png
Button Select-Banner.png
Key Shift.png + Key F3.png
Button InsertRecord.png
Insert Record
Key F6.png
Remove Record.png
Remove Record
Key Shift.png + Key F6.png
Button PreviousRecord.png
Previous Record
Key up.png
Button NextRecord.png
Next Record
Key Down.png
Icon PreviousBlock.png
Previous Block
Key Ctrl.png + Key Page Up.png
Icon NextBlock.png
Next Block
Key Ctrl.png + Key Page Down.png
Button EnterQuery.png
Enter Query
Key F7.png
Button ExecuteQuery.png
Execute Query
Key F8.png
Button CancelQuery.png
Cancel Query
Key Ctrl.png + Key Q.png
Icon Help.png
On-Line Help

Exit Icon.png
Key Ctrl.png+ Key Q.png

Next Field
Key Tab.png

Previous Field
Key Shift.png+ Key Tab.png

Next Tab
Key Ctrl.png+ Key Tab.png

Previous Tab
Key Ctrl.png+ Key Shift.png + Key Tab.png
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