Transdex Index to the Joint Publications Research Service Reports

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What is Transdex?

The Transdex Index was an index to translations into English by the Joint Publications Research Service. The JPRS is a part of the U. S. Central Intelligence Agency and the largest single source of translations in the world. Transdex indexes selected articles and documents from all regions of the world and covers a broad range of subject matter. Annual index volumes for 1984 to 1996 are on microfiche and are shelved in Gov Docs Ref AI3 T7. The translations are divided into the following major geographic series and currently shelved under a PrEx7.13: call number in the microfiche cabinets in our Government Documents area on the main floor of the Davis Family Library:

PrEx7.13:JPRS-AKU East Asia: Korea
PrEx7.13:JPRS-ATC East Asia: Vietnam
PrEx7.13:JPRS-CAR China
PrEx7.13:JPRS-CEN China: Energy
PrEx7.13:JPRS-CST China: Science & Technology
PrEx7.13:JPRS-EER East Europe
PrEx7.13:JPRS-EST Europe: Science & Technology
PrEx7.13:JPRS-JST Japan: Science & Technology
PrEx7.13:JPRS-KAR Korea:
PrEx7.13:JPRS-KST Korea: Science & Technology
PrEx7.13:JPRS-LAM Latin America
PrEx7.13:JPRS-MON Mongolia
PrEx7.13:JPRS-NEA Near East & South Asia
PrEx7.13:JPRS-SEA Southeast Asia
PrEx7.13:JPRS-SSA Sub-Saharan Africa
PrEx7.13:JPRS-TAC Arms Control
PrEx7.13:JPRS-TDD Narcotics
PrEx7.13:JPRS-TEN Environmental Issues
PrEx7.13:JPRS-TEP Epidemiology
PrEx7.13:JPRS-TND Proliferation Issues
PrEx7.13:JPRS-TST Third World: Science & Technology
PrEx7.13:JPRS-TTP Telecommunications
PrEx7.13:JPRS-UUA Soviet Union: Peoples of Asia & Africa
PrEx7.13:JPRS-UAC Soviet Union: Aviation & Cosmonautics
PrEx7.13:JPRS-UCC Soviet Union: Science & Technology
PrEx7.13:JPRS-UCH Soviet Union: Science & Technology: Chemistry
PrEx7.13:JPRS-UEA Soviet Union: Economic Affairs
PrEx7.13:JPRS-UEE Soviet Union: Electronics & Electrical Engineering
PrEx7.13:JPRS-UEQ Soviet Union: Engineering and Equipment
PrEx7.13:JPRS-UES Soviet Union: Earth Science
PrEx7.13:JPRS-UFM Soviet Union: Foreign Military Review
PrEx7.13:JPRS-UMA Soviet Union: Military Affairs
PrEx7.13:JPRS-UMJ Soviet Union: Military History Journal
PrEx7.13:JPRS-UMS Soviet Union: Science & Technology: Materials Science
PrEx7.13:JPRS-UMT Soviet Union: Military Thought
PrEx7.13:JPRS-UPA Soviet Union: Political Affairs
PrEx7.13:JPRS-UPM Soviet Union: Science & Technology: Physics & Mathematics
PrEx7.13:JPRS-USA Soviet Union: USA: Economics, Politics, Ideology
PrEx7.13:JPRS-USP Soviet Union: Soviet Union: Space
PrEx7.13:JPRS-USS Soviet Union: Sociological Studies
PrEx7.13:JPRS-UST Soviet Union: Science & Technology: Policy
PrEx7.13:JPRS-UWE Soviet Union: World Economy
PrEx7.13:JPRS-WER West Europe

From 1981 to mid-1989 these reports were classified under call numbers ranging from PrEx7.14: to PrEx7.21: and from mid-1979 to mid-1981 reports were classified in PrEx7.13: call numbers. We have translations predating mid-1979 for several regions of the world and they are classified in Y3.J66:13/ call numbers, but they are not indexed.

The latest monthly index is usually about four months behind the current month and the microfiche reports of most of these series run about a year behind the current month.

Searching the Index

Start with the keyword index on the white pages of the printed monthly indexes or microfiche with "Keyword" in the header of the annual microfiche cumulation. There is also a name index in the back of each issue.

If you identify any useful reports write down the JPRS number and page given in the entry and then go to the yellow pages in the front of the monthly printed indexes to obtain the call number to find the report in our microfiche cabinets. The "Introduction" microfiche of the annual microfiche cumulation provides the call number used for these series in earlier years.

To use the microfiche

Go to the microfiche cabinets along the wall on the east side of the Government Documents area and look for microfiche with call numbers obtained from the index. Then find the microfiche for the date indicated in the index. Place the microfiche in the Canon 400 microfiche reader-printer and advance to the page reference given. Return microfiche in envelopes to the box marked "Refile by Staff" on top of the microfiche cabinets.

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Please don't hesitate to ask at the Reference Desk or room 211 for assistance in finding and using these reports.


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