Troubleshooting Banner and BannerWeb

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  • Toolbars are the most common culprit. Go to Add/Remove Programs, remove all third-party toolbars (Google, Yahoo, etc.) from Internet Explorer and from Firefox, then try INB again. (Be aware that Java updates, and updates of many other apps, try to install 3rd-party toolbars for you.)
  • Check versions of Java and Oracle. Go to Control Panel -> Java icon, Updates tab, click Update Now. If updates are needed, restart afterwards. Under Add/Remove Programs, remove all instances of Oracle JInitiator; then re-install by installing the ActiveX control on the Production site.
  • Try it on Firefox 3 if IE still doesn't work. firefox.com to install. When you go to INB -> Production in Firefox, it won't be able to find the plugin automatically; click "Manual Install" and it should bring you to the install page.
  • This site has some helpful hints, too: http://ucis.dal.ca/services/other_services/admin/support/pc_standards.html#crash

Unable to use "Extract Data No Key" function

This bug only happens in Internet Explorer. *.middlebury.edu needs to be added to trusted sites.


Forgotten PIN As long as a user's access has not been disabled by trying the wrong PIN too many times, a user can reset his PIN using the "Forgot PIN?" button at http://go.middlebury.edu/bannerweb. He'll need to answer the security question he (should have) set up.

Lockouts A user who enters the wrong PIN in too many times is locked out of his account permanently until he comes to us to get his PIN reset.

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