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Troubleshooting Banner and BannerWeb

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Under our official policy, we only fully support INB with Internet Explorer 6 and 7 (see up to date compatibility info here ). Recommend INB with Firefox only when Explorer is not working. (See below.) Internet Explorer 8 does NOT work with INB.

INB Banner Toolbar is Missing or Hidden

See: INB_Banner_Toolbar_is_Missing

  • Very important to keep in mind: Firefox can be used as a temporary solution, however we need to fully troubleshoot Internet Explorer and make it work for the customer.
  • Remove toolbars: Go to Add/Remove Programs, remove all third-party toolbars (Google, Yahoo, Skype, etc.) from Internet Explorer and from Firefox, then try INB again. (Java updates, and updates of many other apps, try to install 3rd-party toolbars for you.)
  • Remove Java and Oracle JInitiator. Under Add/Remove Programs, remove all instances of Oracle JInitiator; then re-install by installing the ActiveX control on the Production site. Also, remove all old versions of Java listed under Add/Remove Programs, and update Java to the newest version using the Java icon in the Control Panel.
  • Try it on Firefox 3 if IE still doesn't work. to install. When you go to INB -> Production in Firefox, it won't be able to find the plugin automatically; click "Manual Install" and it should bring you to the JInitiator install page.
  • Try making a new shortcut on desktop (right-click on the Desktop, click "New", then click "Shortcut", then paste the following):
    "c:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe"
    (include the quotes and make sure it's ALL on one line -- including the go.middlebury part). There's a detailed article on Creating a Shortcut for INB. for whatever reason this works fine, but going to the college homepage then going to inb, fails. using a favorite shortcut/bookmark also fails.

There is a much more detailed article under Troubleshooting Banner INB Crashes.

Unable to use "Extract Data No Key" function

This bug only happens in Internet Explorer. * needs to be added to trusted sites.

INB and Windows Live Toolbar


Forgotten PIN As long as a user's access has not been disabled by trying the wrong PIN too many times, a user can reset his PIN using the "Forgot PIN?" button at He'll need to answer the security question he (should have) set up.

Lockouts A user who enters the wrong PIN in too many times is locked out of his account permanently until he comes to us to get his PIN reset.

BannerWeb page cannot be displayed

Unless there is a known all-campus BannerWeb outage, here's the fix:

  • Click on Tools => Options => Click the Advanced Tab
  • Make sure TLS and SSL3 are checked, SSL2 checked if IE6

BannerWeb Registration Error Messages:

Any problem with adding a course to your schedule via BannerWeb will result in an error message. If you do not understand the error message, please send an email to


BannerWeb And NZERROR=28863

There seem to be a number of clients attempting to connect using older Netscape browsers, and getting error messages.


The following error appears in the BannerWeb (SSB) web server event_log:

[02/Dec/2005:03:45:29 +0000] [warning 11904] [ecid: -] SSL handshake fails NZERROR 28863


Older browser with weaker encryption than web server.


Upgrade browser.


1. Oracle MetaLink Note 18962.1

Subject: Connecting Via SSL To Webcache Fails Last Revision Date: 16-JUN-2002

Web Cache with Netscape Communicator

  • symptom: Cannot connect via SSL to webcache
  • symptom: event_log contains errors
  • symptom: SSL Handshake Failed NZERROR=28863
  • symptom: Netscape browers earlier than version 4.75 fail
  • symptom: Fails with 40 bit Export Browsers
  • symptom: 128 bit browsers work
  • Any browser that uses weak security i.e <56bit will fail to connect to webcache.
  • To check the level of encryption the browser supports go to and then click SSLCHECK.


Either recreate the certificate with a 512bit key,

Or upgrade all browsers to 128bit. This is the preferred option as reducing to 512bit keys is less secure and the existing browsers would still be using weak