Troubleshooting Classes and Dropbox Folder Issues

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  1. Read the intended behavior
  2. Check if the student is a member of one of the Outlook Distribution Lists for the class: xxxyyy-zz-students; xxxyyy-zz-audits (e.g. wags0200a-f09-students; wags0200a-f09-audits).
  3. Record what kind of computer is used to access the dropbox (record whether it's a PC or Mac, what OS and version). Record verbosely, step by step, what happens when they try to use the dropbox.
  4. Have the student login to one of the public PC computers or the Helpdesk PC computers, try copy and save a file to the the dropbox. Record what happens.
  5. Please take screenshots of any error messages.
  6. If the students have their computers with them, do step 3 and 4 on their own computers, as well.
  7. Send all screenshots and notes to a Helpdesk ticket.

Note: A file OR a folder copied or saved in the dropbox is only visible to the instructor(s) of the course and the person who copied/saved the file there. Files/folders created in the dropbox by one user should not visible to other students of the class.

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