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== Internet Explorer - Page Cannot be Displayed  ==
end of life product - see Microsoft support for assistance
- Internet Explorer doesn't work and displays the message "Page Cannot be Displayed".
- Firefox can get to the Internet without problems.
- Your computer has a valid IP address, and other programs that need internet and network access (Outlook, file servers) work fine.
'''Solution''': Check Internet Explorer's proxy settings. It's possible that the proxy settings for Internet Explorer are misconfigured. To correct this:
- Click on the Start menu
- Click on Control Panel (or Settings, then Control Panel)
- Double-click Internet Options. The Internet Options window will appear.
- Click on the Connections tab, then click the LAN Settings button. The LAN Settings window will appear.
- Uncheck all the checkboxes in the LAN Settings window. Click OK to close the LAN Settings window, and click OK again to close the Internet Options window.
The problem should be resolved.
'''Cause''': Unknown. '''Middlebury College does not require proxies and proxy settings do not work on-campus. '''Certain programs from an ISP (internet service provider) may change proxy settings. Various web accelerators may change proxy settings. You may be advised to change your proxy settings when trying to get an internet connection at a location other than Middlebury College (i.e. at a hotel, another institution, at home, etc). It's also very likely that badly written viruses (and other malware) may try to tinker with your proxy settings.
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end of life product - see Microsoft support for assistance

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