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Installing and Using Printers

Printer installation and usage -- the document at this link will guide you through installing a printer on a Mac or a PC, as well as using some of the printer's features.

Print Release System

We've implemented a new print release system utilizing print release stations. Please check the Print Release System article for details.

Troubleshooting, Servicing and Repairing Printers

Please use these articles when you've verified that there's a problem with the printer and not a particular computer (e.g. printer giving an error message or multiple computers cannot print to a certain printer):

Troubleshooting Computer-related Printing Issues

Please use these pages when you've verified that the printer works, but a particular computer does not print.

Troubleshooting printer network connectivity problems

See Troubleshooting printer network connectivity problems

Misc Printing Notes

See Misc Printing Notes

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