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Troubleshooting, Servicing and Repairing Printers

Please use these articles when you've verified that there's a problem with the printer and the problem does not stem from a particular computer (e.g. printer is giving an error message or multiple computers cannot print to a certain printer):

Troubleshooting Computer-related Printing Issues

Please use these pages when you've verified that the printer works, but a particular computer does not print.

Troubleshooting printer network connectivity problems

See Troubleshooting printer network connectivity problems

Misc Printing Notes

See Misc Printing Notes

Related Resources

Printer installation and usage -- the document at this link will guide you through installing a printer on a Mac or a PC, as well as using some of the printer's features.
We've implemented a new print release system utilizing print release stations. Please check the Print Release System article for details.

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