Troubleshooting Printers and Printing Issues

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Installing and Using Printers

Printer installation and usage

Servicing and Repairing Printers

Printer service and repair

Troubleshooting Printer Software Issues

Mac Printing Issues

See: Mac Printing Issues

Windows Printing Issues

See Windows Printing Issues

Printer Offline in Bombay List

If the bombay/printers list indicates a printer is Offline but the user says the LED indicates it is ready and noone can print to it, then the printer is probably in Registration mode with Campus Manager and needs to be registered.

If the printer is connected to a hub and the hub also has a computer connected to it that has an expired registration, this places the entire hub in Campus Manager Registration. The computer can be registered by the user or manually registered by us to get the printer working.

Asset Tracker info can be used to get the MAC Address of the computer, if necessary.

The Service Building is one of the more likely places where you may find hubs connecting several pieces of equipment.

Writen by: Linda Knutson Date: 1/4/2008

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