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The following steps will help you resolve problems with your [[VPN]] connection.  Start at top and work through them in order.
==== Verify That You Have An Internet Connection ====
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First, try to access a site that ''doesn't'' require VPN.  If you can view it successfully then you know your Internet connection is indeed active.  <br><br>
Not sure if a site requires VPN?  See our list: [[Resources Requiring VPN for Off-campus Access]].
==== Initial Error Messages ====
Do you get an initial error message when you try to connect to VPN, such as:
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* Unauthorized to use this service. [See '''Permission issue'''] <br>
* User does not belong to any roles. [See '''Permission issue''']<br>
* Time out / can't connect. [See '''Connection Failure issue'''] <br>
===== Permission Issue =====
Permission issues should be reported to the Helpdesk. You can submit a request for help using '''http://go.middlebury.edu/helpme'''.  Be sure to mention the specific error message you received, as well as the username you used to attempt your VPN connection.
===== Connection Failure Issue =====
The following steps will help narrow down the cause of the connection failure.
* '''Try to ping vpn.middlebury.edu''' -- You should get replies from <br>
*:'''On a PC:'''  Search for, then launch, the Command Prompt app (CMD).  <br>
*: Type '''''ping vpn.middlebury.edu''''' then press the Enter key. <br><br>
*:'''On a Mac:'''  Use Spotlight Search (Command + Spacebar) to search for, then launch, Network Utility.  <br>
*: Click the '''Ping''' tab, then enter '''''ping vpn.middlebury.edu''''' for the network adddress.  Click the '''Ping''' button. then press the Return key.  <br><br>
* '''If your ping gets no reply,''' trace route can gather useful information about where the connection is breaking down.
*:'''On a PC:'''  Open the Command Prompt as before, then type '''tracert vpn.middlebury.edu''' then press the Enter key. <br><br>
*:'''On a Mac:'''  Open the Network Utility as before, then click the '''Traceroute''' button.  Fill in '''vpn.middlebury.edu''' for the internet address, then click the '''Trace''' button.
==== Related ====
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