Troubleshooting VPN

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The following steps will help you resolve problems with your VPN connection.

Verify That You Have An Internet Connection

Try accessing a site that doesn't require VPN to ensure that your Internet connection is indeed active.

Initial Error Messages

Do you get an initial error message when you try to connect to VPN, such as:

  • Unauthorized to use this service. [Permission issue]
  • User does not belong to any roles. [Permission issue]
  • Time out / can't connect. [Connection Failure issue]
Permission Issue

Permission issues should be reported to the Helpdesk. You can submit a request for help using http://go.middlebury.edu/helpme. Be sure to mention the specific error message you received, as well as the username you used to attempt your VPN connection.

Connection Failure Issue
  • Ping vpn.middlebury.edu -- You should get -- No reply is bad.

PC: Open cmd line Mac: Open terminal...

If no reply.. PC: tracert vpn.middlebury.edu Mac:

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