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Millennium's URL checker (for 856 field) is set to run weekly on Friday nights. Here are the basic steps on how to access the report and how to correct errors.

Accessing the current report

  1. Click URL Checker in left menu column of Millennium Client
  2. Click on theResults tab to see the current errors
  3. The system shows the report date and the total number of errors found
  4. The results tab lists the number of instances of each error type. Example: 5:Moved Permanently (301)The report includes 5 errors of the type 301. 301 is the code for "Moved Permanently" errors
  5. You can sort the report results by clicking the column heading
  6. Go to a URL or new URL by clicking the box and the Go column to the left of the URL
  7. Update URLs by defining a new URL for each record
  8. Open a bib record by selecting the record number for the record you want and then clicking Edit in the toolbar. The bib record opens in a new editor window
  9. To exclude URLs from reports, use the URL Block list (Admin | URL block). See below.


Verifying URLs

You can update URLs in the URL Checker mode by doing the following:

  1. Edit a New URL by doing one of the following:
    • Enter a new URL by typing a string in the New URL field
    • Select a row and then select Edit | Old URL -> New URL. This pastes the old URL into the New URL field where you can edit the new URL.
    • If the New URL field already contains an invalid URL, you can select the new URL and then select Edit to change the URL.
    • You also can use Edit | Replace to edit multiple new URLs. Enter the string you want to change in theFind what field and enter the new string in the Replace with field. When you click Replace, the system searches for this string in the New URL fields and changes any matching strings to the new value.
  2. Select the checkbox on the right side of the row when you have finished editing the URL. You can select as many rows as you want by using the Shift and/or Ctrl keys.
  3. Choose the Preview tab. The window shows your selections and specifies the old and new URLs. Verify that each new URL is the value you want. You can print this list by clicking Print.
  4. Choose Process. The system indicates it is processing the URL(s). When it has processed the URL(s), the system displays the Summary page and indicates how many records were changed. You can print this list by clicking Print.

Blocking URLs

You can exclude up to 500 URLs from being tested by the URL Checker by adding the URL or a portion of the URL to the URL Block list. To add a URL to the list, select URL Block from the Admin menu.


You do not have to enter a full URL in the URL Block list. You can enter a partial URL or other value to exclude from the URL Checker report. For example, you can enter strings such as "innovative", "innovative.com", or "innovative.com/html/products" to exclude any URL that contains the string specified. 

In the URL Block list, you can do the following:

Add: When you choose Add on the toolbar, a list of blocked URLs appears. You can add to the list by entering the URL in the Value field and then choosing OK.

Delete: Delete a URL from the list by selecting the URL and choosing Delete on the toolbar.

Duplicate: Use this option to add a URL that is similar to an existing URL. Select the URL you want to copy and choose Duplicate on the toolbar. After you duplicate the URL, you can edit it.

Print: Choose Print on the toolbar to print the list of blocked URLs as it appears on the interface.

Edit: Select a URL on the list and choose Edit on the toolbar. The URL appears in a dialog where you can edit it. When you're finished, choose OK.

Move: Select a URL and choose Move on the toolbar to change a URL's position on the list. A dialog appears, indicating the range of existing row numbers. Specify a number within the range and choose OK.

Find: Choose Tools | Find | Find in any cell to find a string in your URL Block list. Enter a string for which you want to search and choose OK. You also can find additional instances of a string in the URL Block list by choosing Find Next from the Tools | Find menu.

When you're finished working in the URL Block window, exit the window by choosing Save, if you made changes, or Close, if you made no changes.

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