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Aged and Aging

Administration on Aging


Commission on Affordable Housing and Health Facility Needs for Seniors in the 21st Century


National Institute on Aging

Senior Corps



Agricultural Fact Book

Agricultural Outlook (archived issues)

Agricultural Statistics

Agriculture Network Information Center AgNIC is a guide to quality agricultural information on the Internet as selected by the National Agricultural Library, Land-Grant Universities, and other institutions.

Census of Agriculture CD-ROM version is available in Govt Docs CD-ROM C3.277:CD-92-

Census of Agriculture 1840-2007

Census of Agriculture 1978

Census of Agriculture 1982

Census of Agriculture 1987

Census of Agriculture 1992

Census of Agriculture 1997

Census of Agriculture 2002

Census of Agriculture 2007

Economic Research Service Covers agriculture, food, natural resources, and Rural America.

Foreign Agricultural Trade of the United States (FATUS)

Global Agricultural Information Network

Historical Agricultural Census Publications. Covers 1840-1950.

Soil Surveys

US Agricultural Real Estate Trends

USDA Agriculture Fact Book 2001 - 2002

USDA Economics, Statistics and Market Information System


AIDS Data Animation Project AIDS mortality data for each U. S. county for 1981-1993.

AIDS Resources from the National Library of Medicine HIV/AIDS Information


NIH Division of Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome


National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism


National Anthropological Archives


Archives of American Art

Arthur Szyk: Artist for Freedom

Hirshhorn Museum and Gallery Contemporary and modern art and sculpture

National Gallery of Art -- the collection

National Museum of African Art

National Museum of American Art

National Museum of American Art: Helios - Early photographs

National Portrait Gallery

Treasures of Ancient Egypt - From the earliest times, Egyptians denied the physical impermanence of life. They formulated a remarkably complex set of religious beliefs and funneled vast material resources into the quest for immortality. This exhibition focuses on the understanding of the afterlife among Egyptians some 3,000 years ago, in the period of the New Kingdom (1550-1069 BC) through the Late Period (664-332 BC).


Gazetter of Planetary Nomenclature



Human Genome Resources - (National Center for Biotechnology Information)

Integrated Taxonomic Information System - Here you will find authoritative taxonomic information on plants, animals, fungi, and microbes of North America and the world

National Biological Information Infrastructure

National Center for Biotechnology Information Structure Group - The NCBI Structure Group maintains MMDB, a database of macromolecular 3D structures, as well as tools for their visualization and comparative analysis.

National Center for Biotechnology Information Taxonomy Homepage

Plants National Database


Budget of the U. S. Government - 1996 to present


BISNIS -(Business Information Service for the Newly Independent States)


County Business Patterns

EDGAR Database of Corporate Information


Overseas Business Reports


Chemicals and Chemical Industry

Atomic weights and isotopic compositions with relative atomic masses

Chemical References

Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board

Envirofacts Data Warehouse

Envirofacts Master Chemical Inegrator

NIST Chemistry Webbook

Toxic Release Inventory


County and City Databooks

State of the Cities Data Systems


Climate change

Cold Regions Bibliography

Global Climate Change

Monthly Climatic Data for the World

National Climatic Data Center

Online Climate Data Directory

Storm Data


Annals of Congress Formally known as the Debates and Proceedings in the Congress of the United States. Covers from 1789 to 1824.

Biographical Directory of the United States Congress, 1774-present



Congress.org Directory and addresses for members of Congress

Congressional Directory

Congressional Globe Predecessor of the Congressional Record. Covers 1833-73.

Congressional Research Service Reports

Congressional Universe Access is limited to the Middlebury College community

CQ Weekly Report A weekly non-partisan review of Congressional activities.

Elliot's Debates Collects the documents pertinent to the discussions on ratification, 1787-89.

Farrand's Records Records of the Federal Constitutional Convention of 1787.

GovTrack An independent, nonpartisan source for tracking Congressional activities.

House Journal Covers 1789-1873.

Maclay's Journal One of the few accounts of Senate floor activity in 1789-91.

Open Congress

Open CRS Congressional Research Service reports

Register of Debates Record of Congressional debates, 1824-1837.

Roll Call Online

Senate Executive Journal Record of the executive proceedings of the Senate. Covers 1789-1873.

Senate Journal Covers 1789-1873.

U. S. House of Representatives

U. S. Senate

US Senate Bibliographies 1983 to the present

Consumer Price Index

Consumer Price Indexes

Historical Consumer Price Index, 1946-present


Consumer Information Catalog

Consumer Product Safety Commission

Consumer Protection

Federal Trade Commission Bureau of Consumer Protection

Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force

Household Products Database Health & Safety Information on Household Products


US Copyright Office


County and City Data Book

County Business Patterns

Maps of the U. S. by County

USA Counties


OpenJurist.org U. S. Supreme Court Reports, 1790 to date and the Federal Reporter.

PACER Service Center Online access to U. S. Appellate, District, and Bankruptcy court records and documents nationwide.

United States Courts

Crime and Criminals

Bueau of Justice Statistics

Criminal Victimization in the United States

National Archive of Criminal Justice Data

National Criminal Justice Reference Service

Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics

Sourcebook of Federal Sentencing Statistics 1996 -

Uniform Crime Reports


Disabled and Handicapped Persons

Disability Info

Domestic Assistance

Consolidated Federal Funds Report

Green Book: Overview of Entitlement Programs


2001 National Household Survey on Drug Abuse

Bureau of Justice Statistics - Statistics on Drugs and Crime

Center for Drug Evaluation and Research from U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Drug Enforcement Administration


Electronic Orange Book Approved Drug Products with Therapeutic Equivalence Evaluations

National Drug Code Directory

National Institute on Drug Abuse Research Monographs


Earth Sciences

Earthquake Information

Geographic Information Systems

Geologic Hazards Team

National Geophysical Data Center

National Science Foundation: Geosciences

U. S. G. S. Learning Web

WINDandSEA: The Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences Internet Locator

Economic Indicators

Economic Indicators

National Economic Accounts

National Economic Trends

Regional Economic Accounts

U S Financial Data


ALFRED: Archival Federal Reserve Economic Data

Ask Dr. Econ

Beige Book Summary of Commentary on Current Economic Conditions by Federal Reserve District.

Bureau of Economic Analysis

Economic Census 1997

Economic Report of the President

Economic Research Service from the USDA

Economic Statistics Briefing Room

EDGAR Database of Corporate Information

Federal Reserve Statistical Releases


FRASER: Federal Reserve Archival System for Economic Research

FRED: Federal Reserve Economic Data

Handbook of International Economic Statistics (1998)

Historical Demographic, Economic, and Social Data for the U. S., 1790-1860

International Economic Trends

Liber8 An economic information portal from the St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank

MyMoney.gov Basics about financial education

USAspending.gov Find out what the government is doing with your taxes.


Annual Report on School Safety

College Navigator

Condition of America's Public School Facilities: 1999

Condition of Education, 1995- (annual)

Digest of Education Statistics, 1995 to present

Education Statistics Quarterly

ERIC (Education Resources Information Center)

Federal Resources for Educational Excellence

Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS)

National Center for Educational Statistics

Projections of Education Statistics

School District Demographics

School Enrollment (U. S. Census Bureau)

Schools and Staffing Survey

U. S. Department of Education: topics from A to Z


Federal Election Committee

infoUSA - Links to Election Resources


Presidency 2004


Embassy Page

Websites of U.S. Embassies and Consulates

Employment and Unemployment

Current Employment Statistics Survey

Employment Situation

Federal Employment Statistics

Local Area Unemployment Statistics


Annual Energy Outlook (archived)

Country Analysis Briefs

Department of Energy

DOE Information Bridge


Energy Calculators & Software

Energy Citations Database

Energy Information Administration

Energy Science and Software Technology Center


Home Energy Saver calculator

International Petroleum Monthly

National Renewable Energy Laboratory


Air Trends

Air Trends, Reports and Data


CDC National Center for Environmental Health

Chemical References

Climate Change Directory

Constructed Wetlands Bibliography

Deepwater BP Oil Spill

Deepwater Horizon Incident

Envirofacts Warehouse

Environmental Contaminants Encyclopedia

Environmental Health Perspectives

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Environmental Quality Statistics

Environmental Treaty Texts

EPA Response to the BP Spill in the Gulf of Mexico

Evolution of the Conservation Movement, 1850-1920.

Green Vehicle Guide from the EPA

Household Emissions calculator

National Environmental Scorecard

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

NSCEP/NEPIS - EPA's Gateway to Free Digital & Paper Publications


Scorecard from Environmental Defense

Smart Growth from the EPA

State of the New England Environment, 1970-2000

Superfund Risk Assessment

World Resources Institute


Ethnographic Studies Resources



Profile of Fire in the United States


State Laws and Published Ordinances, Firearms


Feed the Future E-Newsletter monthly

Food Environment Atlas

Foreign Affairs

Apparatus of Lies

Foreign Relations of the United States (1861-1960)

International Information Programs


Foreign Countries

Background Notes

Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments

Country Analysis Briefs

Country Reports on Human Rights Practices

Country Reports: Human Rights Reports

Country Studies/Area Handbook Program

Doing Business in International Markets


Foreign Labor Statistics

Handbook of International Economic Statistics (1999)

Handbook of Latin American Studies

Import/Export Price Indexes

International Data Base

International Economic Trends

International Minerals Information

Dept. of State Telephone Directory

Social Security Programs Throughout the World

World Bank

World Factbook

World News Connection

World Population Profile: 1996

World Population Profile: 1998

World Resources 1998-99

World Resources 2000-2001

World Resources 2002-2004

World Resources Institute

Foreign Trade


Global Trade Law


Major Shippers Report

Textile & Apparel Trade Balance Report

Foreign Trade Statistics

TradeStats Express

U.S. Commercial Service, International Trade Administration



National Human Genome Research Institute

Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man


Army Geospatial Center

Geographic Names Information System

U. S. Gazetteer



Geology Research and Information

Geological Survey (USGS)

National Atlas of the United States


Census of Governments 1992

Census of Governments 1997

Census of Governments 2002

Census of Governments 2007



Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

American Indian Health

CDC Features: Data & Statistics

CDC health topics A to Z

CDC National Center for Environmental Health

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2000, 5th edition


Health Check Tools

Health, United States Annual, 1995 -



Healthy People

Indian Health Service

National Center for Alternate and Complementary Medicine

National Center for Health Statistics

National Hospital Discharge and Ambulatory Surgery Data

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

Office of Minority Health

Office of Women's Health



Vital Statistics of the United States

Women of Color Health Data Book


Aboard the Underground Railroad

Access to Archival Databases

African American Odyssey

American Indians of the Pacific Northwest

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Built in America - Historic American Building Survey and Historic American Engineering Record

Century of Lawmaking for a New Nation

Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System

Civil War 150:National Portrait Gallery

Cold War International History Project

George Washington Papers at the Library of Congress, 1741-1799

Historic American Buildings Survey - Georgia

Historical Documents

Indians in the War

Mr. Lincoln's Virtual Library

National Museum of the American Indian

National Register of Historic Places

Native American Heritage Month

Naval Historical Center

Northern Great Plains, 1880-1920: Photographs...

Pioneering the Upper Midwest: Books from Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, ca. 1820-1910

Manuscript Reading Room, Virtual Exhibits

Spanish-American War in Motion Pictures

U. S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

100 Milestone Documents


American Housing Survey, 1985-2005

American Housing Survey for Selected Metropolitan Areas, 1990-2007

American Housing Survey for Selected Metropolitan Areas, 1980-1989

American Housing Survey for Selected Metropolitan Areas, 1974-1979

Annual Housing Survey for the United States and Regions, 1973-1983

Housing and Household Economic Statistics

Housing Vacancies and Homeownership, 1995 - (Including Metro Area and State Data)



American Immigration Resources on the Internet

Immigration Statistics


Historical Household Income Tables

Poverty Guidelines, Research, and Measurement

Income Tax

IRS Tax Forms


Career Guide to Industries


Center for the Study of Intelligence

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

Studies in Intelligence

United States Intelligence Community



Bureau of Labor Statistics

Compensation and Working Conditions

Employment Cost Trends

Foreign Labor Statistics

Injuries, Illnesses, and Fatalities


Monthly Labor Review

National Compensation Survey

Wirtz Labor Library


Official Federal Land Patent Records Site

Public Land Statistics


Digest of United States Practice in International Law

Public Laws

U. S. Code

U. S. Statutes at Large, 1789-1875

U. S. Statutes at Large, 1789-2007


GPO Access (Bills, Congressional Record, Federal Register, etc.)

Thomas: Legislative Information on the Internet from the Library of Congress


Library of Congress Classification Outline

Literacy and Illiteracy

National Institute for Literacy



U. S. Government Manual


Annual Survey of Manufactures

Manufacturing, Mining, and Construction Statistics from US Census Bureau

Nonemployer Statistics, 2000 Manufacturing


Census Bureau Map Products

Color Landform Atlas of the United States

EROS Data Center: Earth Resources Observation Systems

Geographic Names Information Sysem

Historic U. S. Geological Survey Maps of New England

National Atlas of the United States (1970)

National Mapping Information

Panoramic Maps, 1847-1909

Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection

TIGER: The Coast-to-Coast Digital Map Database


NIST DigitalMath Lib


Clinical Trials.gov


Medline Plus Health Information from the National Library of Medicine

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine



Mental Health

Mental Health Statistics

National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) FastStats: Mental Health

National Institutes for Mental Health: Statistics


Near-live Leonid Watching System



Air University Library's Index to Military Periodicals

American Battle Monuments Commission

Annual Defense Report

Army Publications


Defense POW/Missing Personnel Office Includes lists of soldiers MIA, by war

DOD Dictionary of Military Terms

DTIC Online over 2 million military documents

Military Campaign Maps

Military Casualty Information

Military Personnel Statistics

U.S. Army Center of Military History

Official Records of the Union and Confederate Navies

Papers of the War Department, 1784-1800

Staff College Automated Military Periodicals Index

Stars and Stripes

State Summary of War Casualties from World War II for Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard Personnel

State-level Lists of Casualties from the Vietnam and Korean Conflicts

United States Military Medals

War of the Rebellion: a Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies

World Military Expenditures and Arms Transfers (archived)

World Military Expenditures and Arms Transfers 1998 -


Minerals Information

Summary of Environmental Law in the US regarding Mining


African American Odyssey

Bureau of Indian Affairs

Office of Minority Health

Women of Color Health Data Book


National Parks

Geology of National Parks

National Park Service Statistical Abstract

Native Americans

Federal Websites for and about American Indians



Career Guide to Industries

Occupational Outlook Handbook

Occupational Outlook Quarterly

O*Net Online



National Oceanographic Data Center



Official Gazette for Patents

Search for Patents

U. S. Patent & Trademark Office


International Energy Statistics

Petroleum Marketing Monthly, 1998-

Petroleum Industry

Deepwater Horizon Incident

Historical Oil Spill Information


Census Bureau Map Products

Census Information Pathfinder

Census of Population and Housing, 1790-

Census of Population and Housing, 1850

Census of Population and Housing, 1860

Census of Population and Housing, 1870

Census of Population and Housing, 1880

Census of Population and Housing, 1890

Census of Population and Housing, 1900

Census of Population and Housing, 1910

Census of Population and Housing, 1920

Census of Population and Housing, 1930

Census of Population and Housing, 1940

Census of Population and Housing, 1950

Census of Population and Housing, 1960

Census of Population and Housing, 1970

Census of Population and Housing, 1980

Census of Population and Housing, 1990

Historical Demographic, Economic, and Social Data for the U. S., 1790-1860

International Data Base

Population Estimates

Population profile of the United States

Summary Tape File 1A

Summary Tape File 3A


Poverty in the United States


Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum

American President: A Reference Resource

Commission on Presidential Debates

Daily Compilation of Presidential Documents (2009 - current)

First Ladies at the Smithsonian

From Revolution to Reconstruction and What Happened Afterwards

George Washington Papers at the Library of Congress

Inaugural Addresses

Mr. Lincoln's Virtual Library

Presidential Directives and Where to Find Them

Presidential Libraries

Public Papers of the President

Thomas Jefferson Papers

Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents (1993-2008)






Code of Federal Regulations

Federal Register (full text)



Profiles in Science

Science and Engineering Indicators

Science Conference Proceedings

Science Tracer Bullets Online

U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI)

Science Accelerator Search key resources from DOE OSTI


Sci Tech Connect

U. S. South Pole Station

Social Security

Social Security Death Index

Social Security online

Social Security Online - History, Research & Data

Space Programs


NASA Image eXchange

NASA Technical Reports Server

Solar System Exploration - Deep Impact


Data Ferret

Federal Justice Statistics


Statistical Abstract of the United States

Supreme Court

Annotated Constitution

Slip Opinions of the Supreme Court

Supreme Court

United States Reports (1754-2005)

United States Reports (1991-2006+)

U. S. Supreme Court Decisions (1937-1975)



Tax Statistics


America's War Against Terrorism

Country Reports on Terrorism

Patterns of Global Terrorism

Terrorism Bibliography

U.S. General Accounting Office Special Collection - Terrorism


Tide and Current Predictor (full year)


Bureau of Transportation Statistics

National Transportation Statistics

Transportation Research Information Services (TRIS) Database

U. S. Department of Transportation

Your car


CDC Travel Information

Travel Advisories



International Treaties

Treaties and Other International Acts Series (TIAS)

Treaties Between the United States and Native Americans

Treaties in Force


Vietnam Casualties

Vietnam Casualties by State and City

Vital Statistics

Annual Summary of Births, Marriages, Divorces, and Deaths, United States

Atlas of United States Mortality

Monthly Vital Statistics Report

Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report

Vital Records Information - Vermont

Vital Statistics of the United States


Voice of America

Voice of America




Federal Election Commission

Voting Records of Members of Congress


War & War Casualties

American War and Military Operations Casualties: Lists and Statistics

War of the Rebellion Atlas


Average Monthly Weather Outlook

Champlain Channel

Climate Prediction Center

Climatological Data

Climatology Interdisciplinary Data Collection

Cooperative Summary of the Day

Daily Weather Maps. Weekly Series

Global Daily Summary: Temperature and Precipitation

Global Hydrology and Climate Center

Hourly Precipitation Data

Hourly Precipitation Data: New England


Local Climatological Data

Long-Term Climatological Datasets

Mariners Weather Log

Monthly & Seasonal Weather Outlook

Monthly Climatic Data

Monthly Local Climatological Data: Vermont

Monthly Precipitation Data for U. S. Cooperative & NWS Sites

National Climate Data Center Publications

National Climatic Data Center

National Weather Service. Interactive Weather Information Network

National Weather Service. Internet Weather Source

NOAA Weather Charts. Chart Series A. Surface and Upper Airt Weather Charts

NOAA Weather Charts. Chart Series B. Initial Analysis and Forecast Charts

Northeast Regional Climate Center

Rainfall and Snow of the United States

Report of the Chief of the Weather Bureau

Storm Data

Storm Prediction Center

Tide and Current Predictor

U. S. Divisional and Station Climatic Data and Normals

U. S. Meterological Yearbook

U. S. Surface Data

U. S. Surface Data--Nineteenth Century

Vermont State Climatologist Office

Weather Almanac

Weather Channel Online

Weather Underground

Weathering Heights


Weekly Weather and Crop Bulletin


World Climate

World War II Surface Data

World Weather Records


Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance


National Wetlands Inventory

Northeast Ecological Services



Administration for Children and Families

Ben's Guide to U. S. Government for Kids


Cost of Raising a Child calculator

Girl Power

National Children's Study

When They Were Young

Youth Indicators (1993)

Youth Indicators (1996)

Youth Indicators, 2005


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