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Local Policy

When cataloging a motion picture, you do not need to add a uniform title (130) to every bibliographic record. However, sometimes you do need to include one. Situations and examples follow.

Reminder: check LCAUTH to see if they already have a uniform title for the motion picture. Import it and use LC's form.

More than one motion picture with the same title

(check OCLC, not just MIDCAT or LCMARC). When necessary, add date and possibly production company to distinguish different versions.


  • Same title, totally different plots, etc.

130 0#Traffic (Motion picture : 2000) [American film directed by Steven Soderbergh]
130 0#Traffic (Motion picture : 1991) [French film directed by Jacques Tati]

  • Same title, same plot, etc.

130 0#King Kong (Motion picture : 1933)
130 0#King Kong (Motion picture : 1976)

  • Same title, same year, different plots, different production companies

130 0#San Francisco (Motion picture : 1986 : Kaw Valley Films)
130 0#San Francisco (Motion picture : 1986 : Cycle Vision Tours, Inc.)

MIDCAT already has a bib record

(for a motion picture screenplay, soundtrack, or critical work and the record has a 630 or 730 for a motion picture).

  • Critical work

100 1 $a Ritchie, Donald.
245 10 $a Focus on Rashomon
'630 '0 $a Rashomon (Motion picture)

  • DVD of Motion picture

130 0$a Rashomon (Motion picture)
245 10 $a Rashomon $h [videorecording]

MIDCAT contains an identical title in any other format

(even with author main entry).


  • Book

100 1 $a Adams, Richard, $d 1920-
245 10 $a Watership down.

  • Motion picture based on book

130 0 $a Watership down (Motion picture)
245 10 $a Watership down $h [videorecording]
700 1 $a Adams, Richard, $d 1920- $t Watership down.

  • Book

100 1 $a Miles, Eileen.
245 10 $a Chelsea girls.

  • Motion picture w/ same title, but NOT based on book

130 0 $a Chelsea girls (Motion picture)
245 10 $a Chelsea girls $h [videorecording]

Motion picture is dubbed

Motion picture has been dubbed (translated) or has several soundtracks that the viewer can choose. Add a uniform title with original language title and $l for languages If two soundtracks, name the original language 2nd Use $l Polyglot if 3 or more soundtracks. Consider only soundtracks (dubbing), not subtitles


  • DVD for French motion picture with English title on title screen; English soundtrack only

130 0# $a Nuit americaine (Motion picture). $l English
245 10 $a Day for night $h [videorecording]

  • DVD for Italian motion picture with English title on title screen; optional soundtrack in English

130 0# $a Battaglia di Algeri (Motion picture). $l English & Italian
245 14 $a The battle of Algiers $h [videorecording]

  • DVD for English motion picture with original English title (no foreign title on title screen); optional soundtrack in German

130 00# $a English patient (Motion picture).$l German & English
245 10 $a English patient $h [videorecording]

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