Uniform Titles for Motion Pictures

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Local Policy

When cataloging a motion picture, you do not need to add a uniform title (130) to every bibliographic record. However, sometimes you do need to include one. Situations and examples follow.

Reminder: check LCAUTH to see if they already have a uniform title for the motion picture. Import it and use LC's form.

Add a uniform title to a record for the motion picture itself:

More than one motion picture with the same title

(check OCLC, not just MIDCAT or LCMARC). When necessary, add date and possibly production company to distinguish different versions.


  • Same title, totally different plots, etc.

130 0#Traffic (Motion picture : 2000) [American film directed by Steven Soderbergh]
130 0#Traffic (Motion picture : 1991) [French film directed by Jacques Tati]

  • Same title, same plot, etc.

130 0#King Kong (Motion picture : 1933)
130 0#King Kong (Motion picture : 1976)

  • Same title, same year, different plots, different production companies

130 0#San Francisco (Motion picture : 1986 : Kaw Valley Films)
130 0#San Francisco (Motion picture : 1986 : Cycle Vision Tours, Inc.)

MIDCAT already has a bib record

(for a motion picture screenplay, soundtrack, or critical work and the record has a 630 or 730 for a motion picture).


  • Critical work

100 1 $a Ritchie, Donald.
245 10 $a Focus on Rashomon
'630 '0 $a Rashomon (Motion picture)

  • DVD of Motion picture

130 0$a Rashomon (Motion picture)
245 10 $a Rashomon $h [videorecording]

MIDCAT contains an identical title in any other format

(even with author main entry).


  • Book

100 1 $a Adams, Richard, $d 1920-
245 10 $a Watership down.

  • Motion picture based on book

130 0 $a Watership down (Motion picture)
245 10 $a Watership down $h [videorecording]
700 1 $a Adams, Richard, $d 1920- $t Watership down.

  • Book

100 1 $a Miles, Eileen.
245 10 $a Chelsea girls.

  • Motion picture w/ same title, but NOT based on book

130 0 $a Chelsea girls (Motion picture)
245 10 $a Chelsea girls $h [videorecording]

Dubbed Motion pictures

Motion picture has been dubbed (translated) or has several soundtracks that the viewer can choose. Add a uniform title with original language title and $l for languages If two soundtracks, name the original language 2nd Use $l Polyglot if 3 or more soundtracks. Consider only soundtracks (dubbing), not subtitles


  • DVD for French motion picture with English title on title screen; English soundtrack only

130 0# $a Nuit americaine (Motion picture). $l English
245 10 $a Day for night $h [videorecording]

  • DVD for Italian motion picture with English title on title screen; optional soundtrack in English

130 0# $a Battaglia di Algeri (Motion picture). $l English & Italian
245 14 $a The battle of Algiers $h [videorecording]

  • DVD for English motion picture with original English title (no foreign title on title screen); optional soundtrack in German

130 00# $a English patient (Motion picture).$l German and English
245 10 $a English patient $h [videorecording]