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Faculty authors


Add 655 Faculty authors.|2 local to all appropriate bib records. Macro created: ALT-F2. This field has been added retrospectively to all titles currently in that location (mmbf)



New section added for: RDA (Resource Description & Access). Currently some training materials from LC.

CSO (Career Services) Change in Status code for item records


  • Status = e At Career Services

For more info on CSO items see this link

Connexion: new changes to coding (Tech Bulletin 258)

(Michael's email message gives a more concise summary)


Tech bulletin 258

Among the points of interest:

Bibliographic Records: Two new codes (o = Online, q = Direct electronic) defined for each of the following Fixed Fields:

  • Continuing Resources 008/22, 006/05 (Form of original item -- “Orig”) and 008/23, 006/06 (Form of item -- “Form”).
  • Books 008/23, 006/06 (Form of item -- “Form”).
  • Music (Scores and Sound Recordings) 008/23, 006/06 (Form of item -- “Form”).
  • Mixed Materials 008/23, 006/06 (Form of item -- “Form”).
  • Maps 008/29, 006/12 (Form of item -- “Form”).
  • Visual Materials 008/29, 006/12 (Form of item -- “Form”).

Mills College 949


Reminder about what to add to Mills College items.

Genre headings: Subdivisions


Do not add subdivisions to genre field 655, not even geographical. If you import from OCLC, delete them in Midcat. You may notice that Midcat currently has many genre headings with subdivisions -- perhaps this can be a cleanup project later (but probably not a priority).

Here's the info from a Genre FAQ:

  • Q30: Is subdivision of genre/form headings permitted?
    • A: There is currently no provision for the subdivision of LC genre/form headings, either topically, chronologically, geographically, or by form. The MARC authority and bibliographic formats permit it, but LC has chosen not to implement the subfields at this time.
  • Updated Q31: Why can’t the moving image genre/form headings be subdivided geographically?
    • A: Whether geographic subdivision of moving image genre/form headings should be permitted has been an ongoing debate, and there are valid arguments on each side. The argument against geographic subdivision is mostly a philosophical one: geography is not part of the genre or the form of a work. A horror film is a horror film whether it is produced in France or in the United States.

      There are also practical arguments against geographic subdivision. bibliographic formats permit it, but LC has chosen not to implement the subfields at this time.

For more information, see the complete LC document (pdf) (also on the wiki at Call Numbers, Subject Headings, & Genre Headings )

856 indicators for Table of Contents


At one time we decided to change the 2nd indicator from 1 (version of resource) to 2 (related resource). From now on, don't bother . . .

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