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Middlebury College Special Collections and Archives

Policies and Procedures

1. All visitors must sign in at the beginning of each visit to Special Collections.

2. Gloves or other protective materials may sometimes be required when handling especially fragile materials; Special Collections staff will notify you if that is the case.

3. All bags and coats should be placed in the closet and cubbies provided at the monitor’s desk. You should only bring items that are necessary for your research into the Special Collections area: pencil, paper, and laptops are permitted.

4. Pens are not allowed in the Special Collections area. All notes must be taken in pencil.

5. DO NOT:

• mark material or erase existing marks; • use fountain pens, felt-tipped pen, or similar writing instruments; • fold, tear or cut documents; • make tracings or rubbings; • rest books or other objects on the surface of items; • touch the surface of loose sheets or book pages if they can be handled by their edges; • apply paper clips, fasteners, tape, "Post it" notes or rubber bands.

6. Special Collections is entirely closed stacks. Staff will work with you on your research request and bring certain items out to you, to be worked with in the research area. If you wish further material, please notify a staff member.

7. Items may not be checked out or removed from Special Collections under any circumstances. If you are unable to finish your research during public hours, you may schedule an additional research appointment, or return during our next open period.

8. When perusing material, keep it in the order in which it is given to you. Do not attempt to re-arrange the collections, and try to work with a limited amount of material at any given time so as not to mix up items.

9. All requests for copying and/or scanning should be made in written format, through a form that will be provided for you. Photocopies are $0.20 a page, and scanning is $5.00 per hour (starting at a flat fee of $5.00).

10. Copying and/or scanning are entirely dependent on the condition of the item in question. Every attempt to accommodate your request will be made, but Special Collections staff reserve the right to refuse requests based on concern for the fragility and/or rarity of certain items.

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