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I like to edit wikis a lot but I don't know how to type a pipe (|), which is a necessary piece of MediaWiki markup.
== This is a pretty neat section ==
Some of my favorite links in the whole wide world are about [[VPN]], [[User:Zachary Schuetz|pineapples]], and  [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Ahuskay huskies].
The internet claims that Shift+Alt+L creates a pipe, but it doesn't!
Actually, it's Shift+\.
This is amazing.
=== Moxie is an amazing beverage ===
==== I want to have relevant information to put here ====
Information is Good.
Noninformation is Bad.
Middlebury College is an institution of higher learning in Addison Cty, Vt. It has several majors and multiple theaters, as every decent school should.

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