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Well, you all know me.

  • Interests include psychology, philosophy, computers, organic systems, mass collaboration, languages, and life. For me, all of the above must be done my way or no way.
  • I tried Windows Vista for the first time during the summer of 2007. I was so repulsed I installed Ubuntu Linux on my laptop the next week, and I've been in tech heaven ever since. Mostly because Ubuntu ROCKS.
  • I have a Sony Reader which is the COOLEST toy in the world. When you have a cool high-tech gadget whose battery life lasts for months on end, what more could you want? I just wish that the e-book market were a bit bigger and a bit less DRM-infested.
  • Let me just say that I'm really, I mean really happy that this wiki is happening.
  • I'm not a big fan of the whole concept of intellectual property. I understand its benefits, and I think most people sooner care about how they can take advantage of the system and don't take much responsibility for maintaining its health. Well, people will be people.

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Currently working on Segue-spanish article.

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