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My interests

  • Linux and open-source software.
    • I have primarily used Ubuntu Linux since 2007. I consider myself adept at desktop Ubuntu use.
    • I am a proponent of adopting open-source on the institutional level.
  • Academic interests include psychology, philosophy, sociology, computers, organic systems, languages, and Integral Theory.
  • I'm a believer in spreading information freely and along low-cost media, such as in this wiki.

Work on the Wiki

  • I spend most of my time reorganizing information in the wiki. Often that involves condensing 2-5 short, related articles into one big article.
  • I aim to structure information such that a user who is looking for a specific piece of information can find that information within 3 mouse-clicks from the Helpdesk main index.
  • I focus on structuring links logically more than I focus on search or category functionality (ie by tagging articles). This is a matter of how I think and what I think I can contribute. I do believe that search-functionality and a strong category system is important, I just prefer to leave that feature to others to develop.

Formatting preferences

  • I never use the rich text editor, always the plain text editor.
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