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Administrative notes:

  • Fix or remove System Status page.
  • Fix or remove Recently Updated Helpdesk Documentation widget.

Get Connected


For other types of accounts you might have, see Administrative below.


The Basics

Email and Calendars


File Storage

  • Use Middfiles for shared data for departments, classes, special projects, etc.
  • Use OneDrive or Google Drive for your individual Middlebury-related data.

Office Software

  • Google Apps
  • Office 365
  • We also provide and support Microsoft Office 2016. Some customers also choose to use products like Pages/Numbers/Keynote for Mac, or LibreOffice, though these are not fully supported by the Helpdesk.

Finding Software

Academic Systems

Business and Administrative Systems

  • Content, Banner, Hyperion, FAMIS...
  • RDS

More Info

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