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Hi Elizabeth,

Just out of curiosity - what was your rationale for moving the LIS Public Documentation page? I generally don't hesitate to move pages if doing so increases overall clarity, but I felt that the page title was relatively descriptive and accurate as it was.

The plan on our end was to have the "LIS Public Documentation" page become the new "go/docs" and "go/documentation" links; thus any info previously available under that go link should now be umbrella'd under this wiki page. For example, I would think that intros to the resources available through LIS, Software available on public computers, and Getting started at Middlebury College articles can't be bundled as "Helpdesk topics" as much as they can be bundled as "LIS topics".

Just my two cents. If you had thoughts about creating a more general documentation resource page, it would probably make sense to link the two pages, and hash out what content belongs to each sooner rather than later, to ensure that the wiki is as well-structured for student/faculty consumption as possible by uptime next week.

- Topher Hunt


The name was changed per recommendations made by the LIS Website Team. Feel free to ask Jim about it. It was on his to-do list but I did it so he didn't have to since he has a lot on his plate. Thanks! Liz

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