Using Course Folders on the Classes Server

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The Purpose Of Your Course Folder

To facilitate exchange of files and information between students and instructors, every course has a folder under "Classes" in Middfiles. It is divided into five subfolders: Dropbox, Handouts, Public_html, Return, and Share. Log on to the folder using your Middlebury College username and password.

Finding Your Course Folder

Course folders are in the folder classes. The path to your course folder is middfiles\classes\Semester\dept_course-number_section. You can access your course folder the same way you would access any other folder on Middfiles, even if you are off campus.

For example: \\middcloud.middlebury.edu\middfiles\classes\spring10\econ0455a is the path to the folder for the course Economics 455, section a.

You log on to classes using your Middlebury College username and password (the same one you use to access your e-mail. You can set your password for your server accounts on the web at go/activate (on-campus) or go.middlebury.edu/activate (off-campus).

The Function Of Your Course Folders

Dropbox folder.PNG

The Dropbox folder is designed to allow electronic submission of student assignments. When students write a document on their computer, they may submit it by copying the completed file here. Students who have mapped drives to Middfiles can upload their documents with copy/paste or drag and drop. It is also possible to upload using Netstorage or save directly to the drop box via File>Save, although these methods are not recommended for reasons of reliability.

Also, be sure to give documents a unique filename (for example, SmithResearchPaper1.docx rather than ResearchPaper.docx). If a student tries to save to the Dropbox using a filename that already exists in the folder because another student used it, they will get a warning message saying that a file of that name already exists. However, if they do not choose a different name and simply proceed with saving their file, they will overwrite the file that was there previously.

The Dropbox folder is also a safe place for teachers of a class to securely share files with each other so that non-teachers cannot access the files.

For more details, see: Troubleshooting_Classes_and_Dropbox_Folder_Issues

Handouts folder.PNG

The Handouts folder gives the instructor a location to post materials for viewing by all members of the class. Although anyone can read the files placed here, only the instructor can change the contents.

Public html folder.PNG

The Public_html folder houses the course web page, if the instructor chooses to create one. Separate documentation is available detailing the process of creating a web page.

Return folder.PNG

The Return folder allows the instructor to return corrected assignments and distribute documents to individual members of the class. There is a subfolder inside the Return folder for each student enrolled in the course. Each folder can be opened only by the instructor and by the student whose username it bears.

Share folder.PNG

The Share folder is an open area for exchange of documents between all members of the class. Both students and instructors may copy files into it and read and edit its contents. The Share folder is designed to facilitate peer review activities and other sharing of information.

Copying Files To Your Course Folder

Copy files into the course folder in the same way that you copy files on your hard drive. You can use the drag and drop method, or right-click and select Copy and Paste from the pop-up menus. Remember that certain areas of the course folder can be modified only by the instructor.

Many different types of files can be stored in the course folder, including written documents, image files, and computer programs. It is important to remember that the course participants are likely to include both Windows and Macintosh users. Be sure to save files intended for sharing in a format that can be read by both platforms. For example, word-processing documents should be saved in versions lower than Word 2007 or Word 2008 to accommodate class members have older operating systems on their computers.

Displaying Content from Your Course Folder in the Course Hub

When you put files in the HANDOUTS, SHARE, or PUBLIC_HTML folders of your class folder, a “Middfiles Class Folder” resource will automatically be added to the Course Hub site for your class. This provides a link that allows students to easily browse the files without having to mount a network drive. Read this LIS blog post for details: New Course Hub / Middfiles Integration.

Managing Access To Your Course Folder

If you have additional instructors, teaching assistants, or auditors who need access to your course folder, you can edit the instructors and audits lists.

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