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You can move your files to and from the Midd-Unix cluster using your favorite FTP client.
#REDIRECT [[FTP_Files_To_and_From_Midd-Unix]]
<br> Your Midd-Unix space has three folders setup for you by default: '''private''', '''public''', and '''public_html'''. Permissions allow only you to access files in your '''private''' folder, while anyone can read (but not make changes) to files in your '''public''' and '''public_html''' folders. The '''public_html''' is a special folder you can create a web page.
<br> These instructions are very general in an attempt to accommodate various FTP clients.
#Launch your FTP application.
#Connect to the host '''ftp.middlebury.edu'''
#*With an text-based FTP client, the command probably is '''ftp ftp.middlebury.edu/user=''your-username''/pass=''your-password''/binary'''.
#*Use your Middlebury username and password.
#*If your FTP client has a field for '''Directory '''or '''Folder '''leave it blank to force FTP to use your folder on Midd-Unix.
#*Specify '''auto''','''auto detect''' or '''binary''' for the file transfer mode.
#After the connection is made, navigate to the folder from or to which you want to copy files.
#*With text-based FTP client, use the command '''cd foldername '''(type '''dir '''to view the folder contents).
#*With a window based FTP client, select your location by clicking upon the folder icons to move around.
#To copy files from your computer to Midd-Unix.
#*With text-based FTP client use the command '''put filename''' for individual files, or '''mput *.*''' to copy all files.
#*With a window-based FTP client, select files and click the transfer arrow to copy the file(s).
#To copy files from Midd-Unix to your computer.
#*With a text based FTP, use the command '''get filename''' for individual files, '''mget *.*''' to copy all files.
#*With a window based FTP, select files by clicking on them and click the arrow to copy the file(s).
#Close the connection to Midd-Unix.
#*With text-based FTP client, type '''exit'''.
#*With a window-based FTP client, click on '''Close''' or '''Close Connection'''.
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