Using Remote Desktop Services on a Mac

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There are two methods for connecting to the RDS Cluster from a Mac

  1. Using Microsoft Remote Desktop,which is explained first . This option creates a list of the programs in the Microsoft Remote Desktop client. This is the preferred method for individual office computers.
  2. Access via Web Browser. This option is useful for shared computers or connecting via home computer once you have connected to the VPN. You don’t need to install anything. This option is explained next.

RDS Cluster connection using Microsoft Remote Desktop

  1. First, you need to make sure you are using the correct version of Microsoft Remote Desktop. If the icon is not red like the picture below, please visit Microsoft_Remote_Desktop_(Mac) to install the proper version. Use the information from the “Finding and Installing” section, then come back here once installed.
    MRD Mac icon.jpg
  2. Once you have the proper version installed, launch the program. Click on the Remote Resources button as per the screenshot below.

  3. Microsoft Remote Desktop 1.jpg

  4. Enter the text
    as shown in the screenshot below and fill out your username and password (make sure you use the midd\ before your username), then click on “refresh”.

  5. Microsoft Remote Desktop 2.jpg

  6. Click on the red x to close the “Remote Resources” window. Underneath Remote Resources in Microsoft Remote Desktop, you will see icons for all the Applications you have access to. Unlike with the web browser connection, there are no folders to organize the icons. They are all in one list. Double-clicking an icon will launch the Application.

  7. Microsoft Remote Desktop 3.jpg

RDS Cluster connection using a Web Browser

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