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== VPN Setup for Mac OSX  ==
#REDIRECT [[VPN Setup on Windows and Mac]]
This article gives the most up-to-date instructions on how to set up a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection. While Middlebury ''used to ''use the Cisco VPN client, we have noticed that the Cisco client is unreliable and hard to set up in many cases so we don't use it anymore. These instructions use the native VPN client that is installed on your operating system.
==== Setup for the native VPN client on Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger)  ====
#Click on the '''Finder''' icon on your dock. [[Image:Mac Finder button.PNG]]
#Click on the “'''Go'''” menu that’s located on the top of the screen and select “'''Applications'''”.
#The “Applications” folder will open.
#In the “Applications” folder, find and open '''Internet Connect'''.
#When “Internet Connect” opens click on the '''VPN''' Icon.
#You will get a message saying: “Your computer needs to be set up to make a VPN Connection”. Select the '''PPTP''' radio button option.
#Click '''Continue'''. If prompted, enter your username and password.
#You will see a VPN configuration window with a dropdown box labeled “Other”. Below that is a space for “Server Address”. Enter ''' '''in that space.
#The “Account Name” is '''MIDD\”your username” '''. Your password goes in the password field. Place a checkmark in the box labeled “Show VPN status in the menu bar”.<br> [[Image:Mac VPN graphic 1.PNG]]
#Click “'''Connect'''” to test the connection. Once connected, please disconnect, as you are not quite done.
#Click on the dropdown box at the top of the window (labeled “'''Other'''”) and choose “'''Edit Configurations'''”.
#In the descriptions field enter “MIDD” and click “OK”.
#Close Internet Connect and save changes when prompted.
#Open “'''System Preferences'''” by selecting “System Preferences” from the “'''Apple'''” menu in the top left corner. <br> [[Image:Mac System Preferences menu.PNG]]
#In System Preferences click on “'''Network'''”.
#Click on the second dropdown menu (next the text “Show” near the top of the window) and select “'''VPN (PPTP)'''”. <br> [[Image:Mac VPN PPTP graphic 2.PNG]]
#In the Search Domains field, enter “'''middlebury.edu'''” and click “'''Apply Now'''”
#Exit Network Preferences, saving any changes if prompted.
#'''To use VPN now and in the future:''' click the VPN icon on the menu bar, then click “Connect”, as shown in the picture below. You will need to enter your username and password the first time.<br> [[Image:Mac VPN Connect graphic 3.PNG]]
==== Setup for the native VPN client on Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)  ====
#Click on the '''Apple''' menu and select '''System Preferences'''. <br>[[Image:Mac System Preferences menu.PNG]]
#'''System Preferences''' will open. Select '''Network.'''
#Click on “'''+'''” in bottom left to add a connection.
#Choose '''VPN''' as the '''Interface''' type; '''PPTP''' as the '''VPN Type'''; and enter a '''Service Name'''. <br>[[Image:Mac VPN Configure graphic 4.PNG|300px]]
#Click '''Create'''.
#Enter '''Server Address''' as '''''', '''Account Name''' as '''MIDD\''username'''''<i>where '''username'''</i> is replaced with '''your account login'''. Also, check '''Show VPN status in menu bar'''.<br>[[Image:Mac VPN Configure graphic 5.PNG]]
#Click on '''Apply''' in the lower right corner of the screen.
Now VPN is set up! You can use it to connect to many Middlebury College resources when you have an Internet connection from off campus:
#Click on the VPN icon on the menu bar and select the '''Connect''' option for the VPN setup you just completed.
#When prompted for password, enter the same one you use for email. Remember '''MIDD\username''' will have your user name listed in place of “'''username'''”. Click '''OK'''.<br>[[Image:Mac VPN Connect graphic 6.PNG]]
#Once connected, you’ll see the VPN connection status on the menu bar, and may click on the icon there to disconnect or to troubleshoot your connection.

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