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==== Set up for the native VPN Client on Windows XP ====
#REDIRECT [[VPN Setup on Windows and Mac]]
# Click on [[Image:Start button.PNG]].
# Click on '''Control Panel'''. (If you don't see Control Panel, look for it under the '''Settings''' menu.)
# Under Control Panel, find and open '''Network Connections'''.
# From the '''File''' menu, select '''New Connection'''.
# The “New Connection Wizard” will open. Click [[Image:Next button.PNG]].
# Choose “'''Connect to the network at my workplace'''” and click [[Image:Next button.PNG]].
# Select the “'''Virtual Private Network connection'''” and click [[Image:Next button.PNG]].
# Enter '''MiddVPN''' (for the company or connection name) and click [[Image:Next button.PNG]].
# If asked to automatically dial a connection, choose '''Do not dial the initial connection'''.
# For the Host Name or IP address enter: '''''' Click [[Image:Next button.PNG]].
# '''Choose not to use a smart card''', if asked by the wizard.
# Select the '''Anyone’s use''' usage option, then click [[Image:Next button.PNG]].
# Check the '''Add a shortcut to my desktop''' box, and click [[Image:Finish button.PNG]].
# If asked, enter your username and password to start the VPN connection.
# '''To connect in the future:''' double click the shortcut named '''MiddVPN''' on the Desktop and enter your username and password.<br>[[Image:XP VPN Icon.PNG]]
==== Set up for the native VPN Client on Windows Vista ====
Note: These steps won't work unless your computer is currently connected to the internet. Please connect to the internet before following these instructions.
# Click on the '''Start button''', then click on '''Control Panel'''.<br>[[Image:Vista Open Control Panel.PNG]]
# Select the '''Network and Sharing Center ''' (or, if you don't see it, first select '''Network and Internet''').
# In the left navigation area under '''Tasks''', click on '''Set up a connection or network'''.
# Select '''Connect to a workplace''' and click [[Image:Next button.PNG]].
# If prompted to use an existing connection, choose '''No, create a new connection''' and click [[Image:Next button.PNG]].
# Click on '''Use my Internet connection (VPN)'''.
# Enter the IP address '''''' and a name for the connection as shown below, and click on [[Image:Next button.PNG]].<br>[[Image:Vista VPN graphic 2.PNG|400px]]
# Enter your Middlebury College '''username''', the '''password''' for that account, and '''MIDD''' as the domain. Then click on '''Connect'''.
# A screen displaying the text “You are connected” will appear when the VPN connection has been established.
* Return to the '''Network and Sharing Center''' to disconnect the VPN connection as needed.
* Click on '''Manage network connections''' in the same location to establish future VPN connections.

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