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=== Links to information about video production ===
=== Links to information about video production ===
(links go here)
(links go here)

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This page details what video equipment is available for use, where it is, who is eligible to use it, and for how long.

Circulation Desk, Davis Family Library

What: Tripods, various handheld camcorders (see more)

Who can use it: Any college student, faculty, or staff

For how long: The standard loan is three days. With advanced notice, we can make exceptions to that policy for academic purposes.

How to get it: Stop by the circulation desk in the library and present your Middlebury ID. You can also book ahead of time by filling out this form.

FMMC, Axinn

FMMC has a collection of video equipment designed to be used by students taking FMMC classes.

Media Services, Davis Family Library

What: Advanced and simple video cameras, tripods, microphones.

Who can use it: Primarily for courses that need extended loan for the equipment (e.g. for the duration of a semester). If available, faculty, staff, students (with a faculty sponsor submitting the request) can borrow, as well.

For how long: The length of the loan can vary depending on the type of use and future reservations.

How to get it: Submit a ticket.

Links to information about video production

(links go here)

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