Video Equipment

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This page details what video equipment is available for use, where it is, who is eligible to use it, and for how long.

Circulation Desk, Davis Family Library

What: Tripods, various handheld camcorders (see more)

Who can use it: Any college student, faculty, or staff

For how long: The standard loan is one day. With advanced notice, we can make exceptions to that policy for academic purposes.

How to get it: Stop by the circulation desk in the library and present your Middlebury ID. You can also book ahead of time by filling out this form.

FMMC, Axinn

What: A variety of video production equipment (see more)

Who can use it: Middlebury students who have completed the required courses

For how long:

How to get it:

Media Services, Davis Family Library


Who can use it:

For how long:

How to get it:

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