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*Individual motion pictures produced/released after 2000: <br>'''PN1997. ''2'''''.A2-Z8 ''[title] $b '''''A1 '''''[year] [code:'' '''D,''' '''V, '''or'''B'''''(Blu-Ray)]<br>Example: '''''<i>$a PN1997.2.B43 $b A1 2002 V</i>'''
*Individual motion pictures produced/released after 2000: <br>'''PN1997. ''2'''''.A2-Z8 ''[title] $b '''''A1 '''''[year] [code:'' '''D,''' '''V, '''or'''B'''''(Blu-Ray)]<br>Example: '''''<i>$a PN1997.2.B43 $b A1 2002 V</i>'''
::Note: Class television plays (or filmed stage plays; including Masterpiece Theater &amp; HBO), operas, and rock musicals (when housed at Davis Family Library) as Feature Films (PN1997 or PN 1997.2) <br>
::Note: Class television plays, filmed stage plays, filmed novels or literary works (such as those ingMasterpiece Theater &amp; HBO), operas, and rock musicals (when located in DVD collection) as Feature Films (PN1997 or PN 1997.2) <br>
*For a boxed collection of various titles, use '''PN1997. A1 $b [title cutter]''' or '''PN1997.2.A1 $b [title cutter]<br>'''Example:Title = Alfred Hitchcock, the masterpiece collection. Call # = '''PN1997.A1 $b A39 2005 <br>'''
*For a boxed collection of various titles, use '''PN1997. A1 $b [title cutter]''' or '''PN1997.2.A1 $b [title cutter]<br>'''Example:Title = Alfred Hitchcock, the masterpiece collection. Call # = '''PN1997.A1 $b A39 2005 <br>'''
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| <center>'''''PN <br>1992.77 <br>A45 <br>v. 1 <br>2000 D'''''</center> '''''---- <center>pt. 1 <br>pt. 2 <br>pt. 3 <br></center>'''''
| <center>'''''PN <br>1992.77 <br>A45 <br>v. 1 <br>2000 D'''''</center> '''''---- <center>pt. 1 <br>pt. 2 <br>pt. 3 <br></center>'''''
=== '''1xx'''<br>  ===
=== '''1xx'''<br>  ===

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This page provides guidelines for cataloging DVDs & videocassettes. For more detailed information on cataloging DVDs, see OLAC Guide to Cataloging DVD & Blu-ray Discs

Fixed Fields


Type of record

  • g projected

Running time

  • 3-digit number that indicates total running time (e.g., 055)
  • If the actual length exceeds three digits, enter three zeros
  • If total running time is unknown, use 3 dashes (- - -)


Type of visual material

  • v videorecording


  • a animation
  • c animation & live action
  • l live action
  • u unknown
  • z other technique

Type of Date

  • s Single date (change in content from original, not just change in media)
  • p Distribution/Production date (Same content as original motion picture, but different media)

006 Additional Material Characteristics

same for both formats)

Add this field only if the videocassette or DVD is accompanying material. Use same codes as in fixed fields above.

007 Physical Description Fixed Field

Generally for DVDs: vd cvaizs
Generally for VHS:vf cbahou

$a Category

  • v videorecording
  • m motion picture

$ b Specific material designation

  • d videodisc
  • f videocassette (inc. mini-DV)
  • r film reel
  • z other

$d Color

  • a 1 color
  • b black & white
  • c color
  • m mixed
  • n not applicable
  • u unknown
  • z other

$e Video format

  • a 16mm standard
  • b VHS (videocassettes)
  • g laserdisc
  • s Blu-ray
  • v DVD
  • z Other (including min-DV)

$f Sound

  • a sound on medium
  • b sound separate from medium
  • u unknown

$g Medium for sound

  • a 16 mm
  • h videotape
  • i videodisc

$h Dimensions

  • m 1/4 in (mini-DV)
  • o 1/2 in.
  • z other (use for all videodiscs)

$i Configuration of playback channel

  • k mixed
  • m monaural
  • n not applicable
  • q multichannel, surround, quadraphonic (includes DTS)
  • s stereophonic
  • u unknown (use this if nothing specific appears on item)
  • z

Note: if the only mention of audio/soundtrack is "Dolby Digital," then code this field "u," since Dolby can also be mono or stereo.

More complete instructions are available at OCLC's Bibliographic Formats site: 006 , 007

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Variable Fields


024 Other standard identifier


  • 1<blank> (UPC, 12 digits)
  • 2<blank> (EAN, 13 digits)

028 Publisher number

Indicators: 42

  • $a number
  • $b publisher
    Example: 028 42 $a 909 $b Columbia Tristar Pictures

041 Language Indicators:

  • 0 Not a translation
  • 1 Contains a translation
    $a Soundtrack
    $b Language of summary/abstract
    $e Language of librettos
    $g Language of acc. materials other than librettos
    $j Language of subtitles
    $h Language of original

Note: record mulitple language codes in alphabetical order

043 Geographic Area Code (assign as appropriate)

090 Call number

Motion pictures

  • Individual motion pictures produced/released through 2000:
    PN1997 . A2-Z8 [title] $b A1 [year] [code: D, V, or B(Blu-Ray)]
  • Individual motion pictures produced/released after 2000:
    PN1997. 2.A2-Z8 [title] $b A1 [year] [code: D, V, orB(Blu-Ray)]
    $a PN1997.2.B43 $b A1 2002 V
Note: Class television plays, filmed stage plays, filmed novels or literary works (such as those ingMasterpiece Theater & HBO), operas, and rock musicals (when located in DVD collection) as Feature Films (PN1997 or PN 1997.2)
  • For a boxed collection of various titles, use PN1997. A1 $b [title cutter] or PN1997.2.A1 $b [title cutter]
    Example:Title = Alfred Hitchcock, the masterpiece collection. Call # = PN1997.A1 $b A39 2005


  • Television (single program or complete run of seasons and cataloged on 1 record):
    PN1992.77 $b [title] [date] [code]
    Example: $a PN1992.77 $b .C4648 2000 D[no enumeration on item]
  • Television (each season in separate container and cataloged separately)
    PN1992.77 $b [title] v. [season no.] [date] [code] [no enumeration on item]
    Example: $a PN1992.77 $b .C612 v. 2 2000 D
Note:If complete season is in one case and cataloged on 1 record, omit enumeration on item. However, if complete season is in more than one case yet still cataloged on 1 record, use enumeration pt. 1, pt. 2, etc. (doesn't matter if each case has 1 disc or more than 1 disc) Example:
v. 1
2000 D
pt. 1
pt. 2
pt. 3


130 Uniform Title : See Uniform Titles


245 Title & Statement of Responsibility

  • $ h[videorecording] (Use for both DVDs and videocassettes)
  • $c Statement of responsibility: transcribe exactly from title screen production company, director, producer, writer; trace each

246 Variations in title

250 Edition Statement (examples)

Use wording on item.Do not indicate Blu-Ray Disc in the Edition statement.

$a Special edition.
$a Deluxe widescreen presentation.
$a Widescreen version.
$a Standard version.
$a Director's cut.
$a Colorized version.

260 Publication, Distribution, etc.

$a & $b: Place of pub/publisher (Trace publisher)
$c Publishing date or copyright date. Use latest date found if multiple dates available

$c c2004(copyright date from disc surface)
$c [2004](latest date found on packaging as assumed date of publication)


300 Physical Description

$a 1 videocassette (90 min.) : $b sd., b&w. ; $c 1/2 in.
'$a 1 videocassette (30 min.) : $b sd., col. ; $c 1/2 in.
$a 1 videodisc (45 min.) : $b sd., col. ; $c 4 3/4 in.
$a 1 videodisc (120 min.) :$b col. with b&w sequences ;$c 4 3/4 in.


490 Series transcription

Always add 830, too.

490 1  James Bond collection
830   0 James Bond 007 collection.

490 1 Criterion collection
830  0 Criterion collection (DVD videodiscs)

5XX Notes

500 Nature or form

$a Documentary.
$a Silent film.

546 Language

$a Closed-captioned.[also add 655 Video recordings for the hearing impaired]
$a Described for the visually impaired.[also add 655 Video recordings for peole with visual disabilities]
$a In French with English subtitles.
$a Soundtracks for the feature film in English, Spanish, & French, with optional subtitles in each language.
$a Dubbed into English.
Note: You may combine these, separated by semicolons.

500 Source of title proper (if other than chief source)

$a Title from container.

511 Statement of Responsibility (participant or performers)

1st indicator: 0 (no display constant) or 1 (cast)
2nd indicator: blank

511 1 $a Anne Baxter, Yul Brynner, Charlton Heston.
511 0 $a Host: Alistair Cooke.

508 Statement of responsibility (Creation/production credits)

No indicators.

Note punctuation between names: space -- semicolon -- space

$a Photographer, Richard Beymer ; film editor, Charles Pavlich. 

500 Edition & History

$a Originally released as a motion picture in 1989.
$a Produced for TV in 1969.
$a Based on the short story: The shout / by Robert Graves.

538 Physical Description: System details

$a VHS.
$a DVD.
$a Region 1 (for DVDS; Blu-Ray Discs have regions A,B, C)
$aAll regions

$a Enhanced DVD.
$a PAL.
(European standards, along with SECAM)
$a NTSC.
(U.S. standard)
$a Aspect ratio 2.35:1.
$a Blu-ray Disc.
$a Requires a Blu-ray player.
Dolby surround sound for English soundtrack.

Note: you may combine these notes, separated by semicolon - space.
$a DVD; PAL; Region 2.'''

Note: Aspect ratio -- The width-to-height ratio of an image. A 4:3 aspect ratio means the horizontal size is a third again wider than the vertical size. Standard television ratio is 4:3 (or 1.33:1 ). Widescreen DVD and HTDV aspect ratio is 16:9 (or 1.78:1 ). Common film aspect ratios are 1.85:1 and 2.35:1 . Aspect ratios normalized to a height of 1 are often abbreviated by leaving off the :1 (from website DVD Demystified)

500 Physical Description: Other notes

$a Includes both widescreen and standard versions.
$a Formatted from the original version to fit the TV screen.

521 Audience (example)

$a MPAA rating:

520 Summary

Indicators: usually blank

$a (1-3 sentences objective summary)

500 Contents (unformatted/informal)

$a Special features include:
$a Includes 1992 documentary on the making of the motion picture.
$a Includes 2 computer games & links to fan sites.

505 Contents (formatted)

505 0 $a pt 1. The Great Depression -- pt. 2. Prelude to war.

586 Awards (no end punctuation)

$a Academy Award for Best Picture in 1989

500 Other numbers (different from publisher number in 028)

6xx Subject Access


650 0 $a Private investigators $v Drama.
651 0 $a Oklahoma $x History $v Drama.
655 0 $a Comedy films.
655 0 $a Video recordings for the hearing impaired.
655 0 $a Video recordings for people with visual disabilities.
655 7 $a French language films.$2 local
[Millennium macro Ctrl-F3]
655 7 $a Browsing DVD collection. $2 local[Millennium macro Ctrl-F12]

For additional instructions and examples, see also Genre Headings for Motion Pictures.


Added entries. In general, trace production company, video publisher, producer, director, writer, major actors and actresses.

Note: do not use $v Film and video adaptations for individual works.

8xx Fields

830 series statement: see 490 field above

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Browsing Collection Call Number

  • In item record, use ctrl-F9 to add: 099 Shelved alphabetically by container title
  • Bib record call number should remain the same (fieldgroup 'c')

Blu-ray Discs

  • 007: $e s [for Blu-ray Disc]
  • 090: Add B after date in call number
  • 250: Do not add Blu-Ray Disc as edition statement.
  • 300:  1 videodisc (not Blu-Ray Disc), as for other disc formats
  • 538: Blu-Ray Disc as first element (instead of DVD or DVD video, etc.)
  • Add 538 note: This Blu-ray disc will not play in standard DVD players or Requires Blu-ray player or Blu-ray player required
  • Add message to item record: Requires a Blu-ray player to view or Blu-ray player required
  • Place yellow sticker on container: Blu-ray player required

Note: if there are 2 discs, one of which is standard DVD disc version of film, create separate item records for each and package separately. Include separate call numbers for each item record ending in B or D as applicable.

Multi-Region DVDs

On container, place a pink sticker ("Multi-regional player required") for DVDs that are designated:

  • Regions other than Region 1 or NTSC all-region
  • PAL or Secam (even if DVD container says "All regions")

DVD Slip cases

  • When a box holds multiple DVD cases that are all cataloged together, retain the box because such boxes greatly facilitate shelving at Circ.
  • When a slip case accompanies a cardboard folding DVD case that does not close securely, retain the slip case to help protect the contents.
  • But when a slip case covers a single plastic DVD case that snaps securely shut, continue to discard them.

DVD Collection: Accompanying booklets

The new locking DVD cases may be too small for some accompanying booklets, especially for multi-disc sets.

  • Barcode the booklet separately.
  • Add the location abbreviation "DVD Coll" above call number.
  • Item type: use "DVD, "not "Book," so the loan period remains the same as the DVD.

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