Viewing Grant Budget Data In BannerWeb

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Web How To View Grant Information

1. Start Banner Web in one of the following ways:

  • In the Address field of your browser, type go/banner and then press Enter.
  • On the Middlebury College home page, click BannerWeb.

The BannerWeb User Login page opens.

2. Log into BannerWeb.

  • a. In the User ID field, enter your College ID number padded with leading zeros to 8 digits.
  • b. In the PIN field, enter your BannerWeb PIN.
  • c. Click Login. The BannerWeb menu opens.

3. Click on Finance Information.

4. Click on Grant/Budget Queries.

5. From the Type drop-down list, select Budget Status by Account.

6. Click Crete Query.

7. Select the parameters to view your grant. The ones that generate information most commonly sought have been checked:

  • Year to Date (for grants this generates information that includes Inception To Date)
  • Accounted Budget (the budget for your grant reflecting any adjustments)
  • Commitments (this shows you any encumbrances)
  • Available Balance (budget minus expenses and encumbrances)

8. Click Continue. 

9. Enter Grant Fund details:

  • The Fiscal year drop-down list defaults to the current fiscal year, leave it as such.
  • The Fiscal period drop-down list defaults to 14; this indicates To Date without having to determine the fiscal month, so you should leave this as well.
  • In the Chart of Accounts field, enter 1.
  • In the Grant field, enter your Grant Fund Number (if you enter it in the Fund field, your results will be false).
  • Leave the Fund Type field blank.

BannerWeb Grant 2.png

10. Click Submit Query (Enter will not work).

11. Your display will look similar to the one below. To see additional account codes click Next 15.

Bannerweb grant 2.PNG

12. From the Query Results screen, you can do the following two things:

  • You can click the Document Code links (numbers in blue text) to see more detail about expenditures or the budget, such as the one below.
    Bannerweb grant 3.PNG

To export the data into an Excel spreadsheet, click Download Selected Ledger Columns further down the Query Results screen. The File Download dialog box opens. Click Open. The following suggestions for cleaning up the resulting Excel spreadsheet will give you results similar to that on the next page, please do the steps in the order below:

  • a. Delete Row 2. (You may have to use a right-click to perform deletions)
  • b. Delete Rows 5-12.
  • c. Delete Columns B-I.
  • d. Delete Columns D-K.
  • e. Make Column A narrower.
  • f. Make Column C wider.
  • g. From the File menu, select Page Setup, and then click the Fit to radio button and leave the 1 in the following field. If it doesn’t fit in Portrait mode you can change to Landscape on the Page Setup dialog box.
  • h. After these adjustments, you may print and/or save the file (giving the file a logical name and location).

Bannerweb grant 4.PNG

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