Viewing the members of a distribution list using Entourage

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Re: Entourage, viewing members of a dist. list

Note that Entourage will not allow you to view distribution lists that are stored in your own address book (as opposed to the college's global address book).

Is this a distribution list inside the college's global address book, such as a class list? If so, you need to be using Entourage 2004 or 2008. In addition, you need to have an exchange account in Entourage (POP/IMAP won't work, you can check your account type via the Entourage menu => Account Settings, account type is listed in parenthesis).

1) Connect to the College's wired network, or the midd_secure network. If off-campus use VPN.

2) Open Entourage and click the Address book button (or click on the view menu => go to => address book)

3) In the address book, on the left, click on the entry that has your account name. You may need to click on the triangles to expand the list and there may be multiple entries such as "All Contacts", "All groups", etc - you want to click on the entry above "All Contacts".

4) Entourage will start browsing the college's global address book. To search for a particular distribution list, type its name (or part of it) in the search box in the top right corner.

5) Double-click the entry in the search results and the dist. list window will appear. The members will be listed in the bottom of the window, under the default tab - General.

If this doesn't work, check your LDAP settings: Entourage menu => Account Settings => double-click your account, click on the "Advanced" tab. LDAP server should be puma.middlebury.edu, port should be 3268, "this server requires you to log on", "the ldap server does NOT require a secure connection SSL"

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